1 Gallon White HDPE Plastic Industrial Round - 38-400 Special H Neck Finish

112 Gram Weight - Label Indent

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1 case $92.88/case ($1.72 ea) $83.59/case ($1.55 ea)
4 cases $82.08/case ($1.52 ea) $73.87/case ($1.37 ea)
8 cases $69.66/case ($1.29 ea) $62.69/case ($1.16 ea)
16 cases $58.86/case ($1.09 ea) $52.97/case ($0.98 ea)
54 items per case
This round HDPE Industrial Round bottle has 112 gram weight and a 38-400 Special H Dimension continuous thread neck finish. It will work well for packaging household or industrial chemicals and pet/vet products, and club-size versions of food, beverage, automotive and personal care products.

Closures are not included, unless otherwise specified.
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Shape Round
Capacity 1 gal
Color White
Style Handleware
Material HDPE
Feature Label Indent
Sub Style Industrial Jug
Neck Finish 38-400 Special H
Neck Description Special H

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