1.5 liter Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle | Cork Neck Finish | Bottle Mold # 8007215

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This 1.5 liter Burgundy (Bourgogne) style bottle holds twice the amount of wine as a standard 750 ml bottle. It has a punt (pushup), is made with antique green glass, and has a 1100 gram weight. Bottle mold number is 8007215.

This bottle is very similar to SKU# 015938; both are manufactured in France. However, this bottle has the capacity (150 cl) embossed on the side of the bottle just above the heel.

A 1.5 liter Bourgogne, Bordeaux or Champagne style bottle is also known as a Magnum. Traditionally, the bottle is great for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir... but use it for any of your bottling needs.

For bottling your wine, provide a copy of the bottle line drawing to your cork supplier to get the perfect match.
  • Sold in cases of 6.
Shape Round
Material Glass
Neck Description Cork
Style Wine
Color Antique Green
Feature PU
Neck Finish Cork
Sub Style Burgundy
Capacity 1.5 Ltr

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