1.5 liter Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle | Cork Neck Finish | Bottle Mold # 8007215

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This 1.5 liter Burgundy (Bourgogne) style bottle holds twice the amount of wine as a standard 750 ml bottle. It has a punt (pushup), is made with antique green glass, and has a 1100 gram weight. Bottle mold number is 8007215.

This bottle is very similar to SKU# 015938; both are manufactured in France. However, this bottle has the capacity (150 cl) and neck (79mm) embossed on the side of the bottle just above the heel.

A 1.5 liter Bourgogne, Bordeaux or Champagne style bottle is also known as a Magnum. Traditionally, the bottle is great for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir... but use it for any of your bottling needs.

Ideas for decorative uses are limited only by your imagination. For bottling your wine, provide a copy of the bottle line drawing to your cork supplier to get the perfect match. Sold in cases of 6.
Color Antique Green
Material Glass
Sub Style Burgundy
Neck Description Cork
Shape Round
Capacity 1.5 Ltr
Feature PU
Style Wine
Neck Finish Cork

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