160 oz (5 Lb) Clear PVC Plastic Handleware Bottle - 110-400 Neck Finish

Offset Neck - Label Indent - Slant Handle

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The oblong handleware bottle has a wide offset neck to facilitate pouring or scooping of dry products. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin has great clarity and surface gloss, and offers a wide range of product compatibility, a good oxygen barrier, a good moisture barrier, and a good fragrance (solvent) barrier. Because of the oblong shape, this bottle offers a wide label panel area.

Bottle line drawing is available upon request.

Closures are not included, unless otherwise specified.
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Shape Oblong
Neck Finish 110-400
Style Handleware
Color Clear
Secondary Feature Label Indent
Material PVC
Capacity 160 oz
Feature Offset Neck

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