33-400 Push and Turn Child Resistant Lined White P/P Plastic Closure

Pictorial Top - Ribbed Skirt - HS035 Liner Printed SFYP Red

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This 33-400 continuous thread closure has a push down and turn child resistant function. It is white in color, has a ribbed skirt, an embossed (raised) top showing a picture of how to open and close the package (a pictorial top), and includes an HS035 liner printed 'Sealed For Your Protection' in red.

The HS035 liner is an induction heat sealable tamper indicating innerseal. It will provide a good seal to polyethylene (PE), PET, P/P, P/S, PVC plastic and glass containers. It can be used for packaging a variety of products. A few general categories include over-the-counter drug products, dry products, fruit juices, milk, glass cleaner, peroxide and spices. Users should always test for suitability for their specific product. Note: Not suitable for products containing oil.
Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Feature Pictorial
Style Child Resistant
Neck Finish 33-400
Sub Style Push and Turn
Secondary Feature CRC

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