63-400 White P/P Continuous Thread Closure | Ribbed Skirt | Stack Feature | ISPP U10 lined Plain

Tamper Indicating Innerseal

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Our 63-400 white polypropylene continuous thread closure has a ribbed skirt, a matte (stipple) top, a slightly raised ring around the outside of the top edge to facilitate stacking of bottles, and an induction seal liner.

The ISPP U10 Plain (unprinted) liner is a one piece foam backed heat induction foil innerseal that will, when applied correctly, provide a tamper indicating (tamper evident) welded seal to P/P containers. The transmission rates for oxygen gas and moisture vapor are essentially zero.

This cap will work for many applications. We have done the research and know that this closure is a good match for the polypropylene bottles shown in Related Products below.
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Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Style Continuous Thread
Neck Finish 63-400
Feature Stacking Feature

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