70-400 Continuous Thread Lined White P/P Plastic Closure - F-217 Lined

Ribbed Skirt - Matte/Stipple Top

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15 cases $70.00/case ($0.09 ea)
800 items per case
This white polypropylene CT closure has a ribbed skirt and a matte (stippled) top. It includes an F-217 liner, which is a general purpose foam liner that provides good chemical resistance and a low moisture transmission rate. Commonly used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household chemical applications.

Note that a foam liner does not provide the consumer any indication of tampering (tamper evidency).

Closures are not included, unless otherwise specified.
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Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Style Continuous Thread
Neck Finish 70-400

SKU# 042642

Availability: 25 cases in stock

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