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-Friday, November 7, 2014

When most of us think about style our first thought it about the latest runway fashion, which in the long run trickles down to what clothes we put on each day. Style plays a very important role in the world of packaging and much like dressing yourself to impress, you have to dress your product to impress too.

Packaging comes in a huge assortment of styles and choosing the right style for your product is important. You want your packaging to make a statement. In my previous blog “Shaping Up” I discussed the shapes of bottles; and each of those shapes can be further subcategorized into style. In this “BRI”ef we are going to review the more popular styles of bottles and jars to give you a better insight into the world of packaging.

Round Bottles

Round bottles can be a vague description, but when we refer to bottles as Boston rounds, Imperial rounds or Modern rounds we can greatly reduce the number of returns we get on a search.

Round Bottle Styles

Boston round bottles have a round cylindrical shape with a short curved shoulders. These bottles are a very popular style as they are great for a variety of uses: aromatherapy, apothecary, and medicinal; and everything in between. A fluted Boston round bottle is similar to a regular Boston round, but has gradually tapered shoulders versus the short curved shoulders of a standard Boston round.

Sauce bottles, carafes, and decanters can be used interchangeably for a sauces, beverages, and syrups. They can come with a continuous thread or lug finish, which makes them great for use in the kitchen. The primary difference between a sauce bottle and a decanter is that a sauce bottle tends to have an indented label panel; and decanters are more decorative and are specifically made for liquor or wine.

Bullet bottles, also commonly known as Imperial rounds or Cosmo rounds, are tall narrow bottles with gradually slopped shoulders. The difference between the three styles really comes down to which manufacturer made the bottles. Bullet bottles are usually made of plastic and due to their slim and stylish look, are great for a multitude of uses.

Cylinder bottles are tall and narrow, like Bullet bottles, but have squared off shoulders and straight sides. Also like Bullet bottles, they tend to come in plastic.

Jugs can come in glass or plastic, and in either case, always have a handle for the ease of use. Great for bulk products or beverages, the bottles large capacity makes them ideal for a number of purposes.

Round Jars

Like bottles, jars come in so many shapes and sizes. Round jars are pretty common.

Round Jar Styles

Paragon and economy jars are great for canning and preserving. Paragon jars are usually tall and narrow, where economy jars can vary slightly in shape and tend to have a slight shoulder; unless they are wide mouthed as pictured above.  They can come with either a continuous thread finish or a lug finish.

Double wall jars are plastic jars that have an inner and outer wall. They tend to give an appearance of larger volume and tend also protect the contents of the jar due to the dual walls.

Spice jars can come in glass or plastic and though they can be square, round or unique with an area specific for a label, they almost always come with a finish fit for snap on fitments.

Wine Bottles

Wine Bottle Styles

Claret bottles tend to have a short neck, short shoulder, and a long body; and are also commonly known as a Bordeaux bottles. These bottles are good for red wines and blends such as Cabernet Francs, Cabernet Sauvignons, Malbecs, Merlots and Petit Verdot.

Burgundy bottles, which are ideal for Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, have a short neck, long sloping shoulder and short body. The difference between the Burgundy bottles, Hock bottles and your traditional Champagne bottles it the body of the bottle itself. Champagne bottles have a wider body than Burgundy bottles, while Hock bottles tend to have a more slender body.

While both Claret and Burgundy bottles were typically found with cork finishes, they can now also be found with continuous thread or Stelvin finishes.

You can also find stylish liquor bottles, that don’t necessarily fall into a wine bottle grouping, and because of their uniqueness they are classified as liquor or decorative bottles.

As we are learning, there are endless shapes and styles to bottles and jars as new molds and designs are made every day; and I am sure there are many that this short blog didn’t touch on. I wanted to at least give you an idea as to what the various shapes and styles look like; and how to tell them apart.

Join me next time when I discuss how the color of your containers plays a role in helping you sell your products. Until then, I am happy to help should you have questions. Please feel free to email us, or call us at (855) 754-3728 if you should ever need assistance with choosing the correct product for your specific needs. Should you have any questions about this blog, or ideas for future please email me at, and type BLOG TOPIC in the subject line.

Electronic Cigarette Supplies Bottles, Droppers, Caps and More

-Tuesday, November 4, 2014

At Packaging Options Direct, we are fully aware that vaping, e-cigarettes, e-juice, or e-liquid is becoming more common in the United States, and around the world. We thank our customers for choosing us for all their e-cigarette supply needs.

According to the e-cigarette Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, the industry is expecting to break the $1billion mark this year. There are many new laws and regulations coming and the industry does a good job of working with the regulators. On fact is certain, e-cigarette use and purchasing of supplies is not showing any signs of slowing down. Packaging Options Direct is prepared to supply bottles, droppers, caps, closures, and more to support this fast growing industry.

Vaping Bottles and E-Juice Bottles

You may be making and selling large wholesale quantities of e juice or you may be making quantities for yourself. Either or, you will need a good selection of different size bottles, droppers, and child proof caps.

Let’s look at these three e-cigarette and vaping supplies.

Glass Boston Round BottlesVaping Bottle

First, you need to choose the right bottle for your e-liquid. You can choose glass or plastic. If you choose glass, you have options for clear, amber, or cobalt blue. You will also have choices around different size bottles. The clear plastic bottles are PET bottles and they come in a range of sizes depending upon your needs.

Packaging Options Direct offers all the different size plastic and glass bottles to help you find the perfect vaping bottle for your e-cigarette needs. View our selection and shop here.

Dropper Tip and Dropper Assembly

DroppersNext, you will want to purchase the proper dropper to work with the vaping bottle that you selected. These dropper assemblies fit into the top of the vapor bottle and they make it easy to fill or extract the e-liquid from the vapor bottle. Dropper assembly tips help  reduce the flow of your e-juice, making it easier to get the correct amount of product into e-cigarettes. As mentioned above, you want to have a good selection and multiple sizes to fit your needs. View our selection and shop here.

Safety Caps

Safety CapsMost importantly, you will need child safety caps and/or closures for your vapor bottles and dropper assembly. Often times these caps are called CRC’s which stands for child resistant caps. The caps or closures will protect children from accidentally opening vaping bottles. We, at Packaging Options Direct, have a broad selection of caps and closures to meet all your e-cigarrette, e-juice, and vaping needs. Shop our selection here!

We have set up a page for you to view all of your e-cigarette product supplies. If you have any questions, just call one of our customer service representative (Toll Free 1-855-754-3728), and he or she can help you get the perfect vaping bottles, vaping droppers, and/or caps for your e cigarette needs.

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