Will Cans Replace Glass Bottles?

-Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The debate between cans and glass bottles has been strongly raging on for a couple of years, especially in the beer industry. There are pros and cons of each material when it comes to generic use and both easily trump plastic.

Each container is also more suitable for certain products than the other, but the question remains – will cans replace glass bottles?

Some brewers swear that their beer tastes better in glass bottles, while other’s will argue that cans are better at preserving the flavor and richness of a quality brew. Besides aesthetics and financial concerns, brewers are most concerned over the taste and quality of their brew so naturally they prefer a packaging option that will preserve the flavor and enhance the experience of beer drinking.

Various experiments and studies have been done by prominent brewers on the difference between beer in a can and beer in a glass bottle, but it seems that the results are unsatisfying. Some studies show that beer is better in a can, while others favor glass bottles.

The final decision mainly depends on the ingredients used in the brew, the shape of the packaging, the marketing and branding of the brewer and personal preference.

Effects on Quality

The most important thing in a beer, or anything really, is the quality.

If a form of packaging compromises the quality and taste of the product then it should immediately be eliminated. For example, many scientists will tell you that plastic containers do affect the quality and flavor of food.

When it comes to beer the most important thing is to make sure ultraviolet light does not penetrate the can or bottle to affect the beer.

Light is destructive to the organic compounds that make the beer flavor that so many people enjoy therefore it is extremely important for the packaging to efficiently block light. Another enemy to good quality beer is air that slips in and compromises the taste of the brew.

Pros & Cons: Glass Bottles vs Cans

Everything in this world has a good and a bad side – nothing is perfect. Cans and glass bottles also each have their pros and cons and their good and bad qualities.

Let’s take a look at what each packaging option has to offer.


Pros of Cans

  • Cans don’t shatter so they are safer when it comes to transporting, stacking and overall handling
  • You don’t need a bottle opener to open a can
  • Cans weigh less and less packaging means that you can move the same amount of product in fewer trips, which reduces expenses and the company’s overall carbon footprint
  • Cans fit easily into a cooler
  • Cans have very little environmental impact and are easily recyclable
  • Draft beer is stored in kegs, which is essentially a very large can
  • Cans don’t let any light in so they tend to be really good at blocking UV light from affecting the beer, which should mean a better-tasting beer
  • Cans are really good at preventing air from leaking in and compromising the brew
  • Canned beer chills better than bottled beer

Cons of Cans:

  • The smell of aluminum as you drink out of a can tends to be unpleasant, but this is easily solved by pouring the beer into a glass
  • Cans are reported to contain the hazardous BPA chemical, which has been linked to various health issues including heart disease and behavioral issues

Glass Bottles

Pros of Bottles:

  • Amber bottles are very good at protecting the brew from flavor-busting UV light
  • Bottles are very good at keeping the brew tightly contained so the flavor is fresh and the quality of the beer is not compromised
  • Carbonation in a bottle is controlled, which helps keep the flavor in check
  • Bottles tend to be cleaner than cans and brewers can control the sanitizing process
  • Glass bottles are among the easiest materials to recycle and 80% of glass finds it way back on the market
  • Bottles don’t transfer any chemicals or flavors to the product

Cons of Bottles:

  • Bottling costs more than canning
  • Bottles shatter easily
  • Certain colors of glass bottles can’t block UV light and can compromise the brew

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day there are multiple factors that will play into picking a material for packaging. Whether cans or glass bottles are better is a decision that is made by a brand and it can be something as easy as a marketing and branding decision and as complicated as taste and experience.

While cans may be easier to produce and maintain, bottles are not going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless of what you pick as a brewer or as a beer enthusiast it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

If you are interested in learning more about the debates over cans vs. glass bottles don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Packaging Options Direct.

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Creative Uses for Glass Jars

-Monday, May 19, 2014

What’s better than investing in a product that is multi-functional and can serve many purposes?

The answer is not much. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that a product you spent money on can be repurposed, used and abused for many years to come. It’s also fun trying out new things and being creative.

Glass jars are the ultimate multi-functional product. They can be used for absolutely anything.

Did you know the tops of standard size glass mason jars are usually the same size as the bottom of a blender?

You can use a mason jar to grind coffee or make single servings of smoothies and juices by screwing the base of a blender pitcher onto the mouth of standard mason jar. This is one of many examples that prove how versatile glass jars can be.

You really get your money’s worth when you invest in glass jars and the best part is that these containers are reusable and recyclable – the ultimate in eco-friendliness. More than 80% of recycled glass is repurposed and makes its way back to the market. It is also way easier to recycle glass than it is to recycle plastic or paper.

If you have various glass jars lying around your house or if your are interested in some fun DIY projects with glass jars check out some of the fun and creative uses for glass jars listed below.  

Glass Jars for Drinks

Different Ways to Use Glass Jars


People always have extra stuff lying around and a shortage of containers for storage and space to store them. Instead of buying multiple plastic boxes and stuffing everything together in a pantry or a closet why not play around with glass jars and use them as storage containers?

Food Storage: When you buy pasta sauce, pickles or peanut butter at the market it is usually stored in a glass jar right? Well why not store the rest of your food that is lying around the kitchen in glass jars as well and neatly organize your pantry? Canning is an extremely popular trend, which involves buying fresh seasonal produce and safely canning it in sanitized glass jars. This process guarantees that you will save money on produce and always have tasty food around the house such as fruit preserves, homemade sauces and canned veggies. You can also safely store spices, coffee, rice, cereal, jams and many other food products in clean glass jars.

Crafts: If you enjoy DIY projects you probably have a lot of small particles and craft supplies lying around that need storage. Beads, sequins and other small bits and pieces will be perfectly and neatly stored in glass jars.

Medicinal Supplies: Do you have cotton balls popping out of your medicine cabinet? Band-Aids strewn all over and Q-Tips spilled in your medicine drawer? Don’t fret, you can easily separate and organize your medicine cabinet with glass jars.

Art Supplies: Pencils, brushes, erasers, paper clips and other art supplies look neat and tidy when stored in glass jars.

Nails, Screws & Buttons: Have you ever looked under your couch? If you have then you know that you will find various knick-knacks that have fallen out of pockets and made their way around your house. Use glass jars to collect loose change, buttons, nails, screws and any other small particles that you find scattered around your home.

Piggy Bank: Collect your extra change in a glass jar and use it as a piggy bank. Fill it up all the way to the top and then use your extra savings for a nice treat!


DIY enthusiasts can go on and on about how to use glass jars as a decorative element. You can use glass jars as vases for fresh flowers, store colorful marbles or stones, use them as candle holders as well as find creative ways to decorate a wedding or a special event.

You can also decorate glass jars and use them as gift containers for friends and loved ones on holidays, birthdays and special occasions.

Using it for Serving

You now know that you can use glass jars as storage and as decorative elements, but did you know that they could also act as mugs, drinking glasses and other types of serving products. Glass jars make wonderful drinking cups especially during hot summer months when you can creatively serve chilled lemonade, cocktails and other types of refreshing beverages.

You can also prepare and serve food in glass jars. Prepare your morning oatmeal in a glass jar and take it to go and also prepare a fresh salad in a glass jar to save for lunch. You can also store leftovers in glass jars and tightly secure the lid to keep the meal fresh and delicious for your lunch break.

The Best Glass Jars

As you can see, glass jars are one of the most versatile objects to have around. They are also economical and eco-friendly – what more could you ask for?

If you are interested in learning more about glass jars and their many creative uses connect with the team at Packaging Options Direct.

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How Glass Jars Can Improve Your Health

-Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Did you know that glass jars and containers could help to improve your health?

Many people don’t even realize that glass jars and containers can be used for a wide range of purposes. For most people, the only reason they even have glass jars in their homes is because they bought pasta sauce or pickles from the grocery store or other items that are already pre-packaged.

There are so many ways you can repurpose glass jars and take advantage of the storage benefits, the health benefits and so much more.

How Glass Jars Can Improve Your Health

How Glass Jars are Better than Plastic

Widespread concern over exposure to harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic is growing and many individuals are choosing to stay away from plastic entirely.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is widely used in plastic products such as baby bottles, children’s toys, the lining of most food and beverage cans, water bottles and more. Many studies on BPA have found that there is a link between BPA exposure and serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, liver problems and developmental problems in the brain and hormonal systems of children.

BPA is so prevalent in many of the products we encounter on a daily basis so it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate exposure to the harmful chemical, but there are ways to limit exposure to BPA by making a few habit changes and taking simple precautions.

One major way to eliminate your exposure to BPA and the risks associated with the chemical is to take advantage of glass jars for food storage, canning your own foods and preparing your meals in glass jars and containers.

Interested in learning more about how glass jars can improve your health?

Read on for more tips and tricks that show how you can improve your health and your overall lifestyle by using glass jars.

Health Benefits from Using Glass Jars

Food Safety

One of the main benefits of using glass jars also happens to be one of the main uses of the product. When you go to the grocery store you will find that many food items are already either canned or stored in glass jars. Things like pasta sauce, pickles, fruit jams and jellies, peanut butter and other spreads, juices, honey, coffee and many other items are sold in glass jars. Buying these products in glass jars as opposed to plastic is one way to help improve your health and reduce your exposure to plastic.

Canning food in glass jars also has serious health benefits and canning is a growing trend that is quickly gaining popularity. Individuals who can their own food always have seasonal produce and food that is fresh, tasty and is ultimately cheaper.

Glass jars also won’t absorb food colors or smells and they won’t allow any chemicals to leak into the food. Plastic is a porous material and when food is stored in plastic the container will absorb the color and the odor of the food. Plastic also leaks chemicals when it is heated that are then absorbed by your food.

Food Storage & Food Prep

Using glass jars for food storage is another great way to reduce exposure to plastic as well as to help keep your pantry organized. You can store anything in glass jars.

Cereal, rice, coffee, sugar, juice, baking soda, dried fruits and vegetables, jams, salt and anything else you can think of. You can also prepare food in your glass jars to make speedy meals. Salads, oatmeal and other dishes are perfectly prepared in glass jars and you can even serve them in the jar!

Eco-Friendly & Economical

Glass jars can improve your personal health, but they can also positively affect the health of the environment.

Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle (way easier than plastic) and the best way to practice eco-friendliness. More than 80% of recycled glass makes it back to the market in some way and recycled glass uses less energy than manufacturing new glass.

Recycled glass is in no way lower quality than a new glass product and no toxins are produced during the recycling process.

Using glassware can also save you money over time. Sure the initial cost of investing in good quality glass jars may be higher than plastic, but glass lasts longer and can be reused many times so you end up saving money in the long run. If you are also canning your own food then you will also be saving money on produce and on food costs since you will be buying food that is in season and cheaper.

Ready to Replace that Plastic with Glass?

Replacing your plastic food and storage containers with glass jars will not only improve your overall health but you will also save money on containers, on produce and you will be more environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about glass jars and their multi-purpose functions make sure to connect with the experts at Packaging Options Direct.

We would love to share the many benefits of glass jars and help you find the perfect containers for your needs. Contact us today!