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-Monday, February 23, 2015

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This jar is perfect for many of our products!!!

These jars are the best for my scrubs and the delivery was absolutely awesome! I'll be buying more from you guys!

Love these bottles!! Perfect size for a home made organic lotion.

These bottles are high quality. We use them to store raw ingredients that would normally deteriorate in quality. The amber color helps keep sun rays at bay.

I have been using these bottles for DIY E-Juice, I use the matching polycone caps, they're perfect for this application, the amber color protects them from light, they are also about 1/4 the price charged by E-Cig vendors, shipment was very fast and everything arrived in perfect condition, I highly recommend both the product and Packaging Options Direct...

Great price for these cocktail mix bottles which can be used for just about anything perfect for signature drinks for a special occasion (put one on each table). Great quality and packaging was perfect no broken bottles and fast delivery at a great price.

Beautiful Cobalt Blue glass bottles, excellent for showing off premium products.

These are perfect for Wedding Favors! A friend used these to make home-made hot sauce from a family recipe and gave them away as their wedding favors. It was unique and affordable.

I looked everywhere before I purchased these, and you can't beat the price. On top of that Packaging Options Direct has outstanding customer service. This is my one stop shop for all my bottling needs.

I ordered these 2oz bottles to use in centerpieces for my business. They are just what I was wanting: an adorable size for flowers, crystal clear, and with a small opening. The shipping was fast and I was very impressed with the level of care with which my order was packed. I will be back!


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Shrink Bands For Bottles How To Guide

-Friday, February 13, 2015

"BRI"ef: 108 - Packaging Options Direct - Guide on How to Use Shrink Bands

Just like our middle name, Packaging Options Direct knows that there are several options on how to apply shrink bands. Over my years in the packaging industry, I have performed multiple tests on how the best way to get the shrink bands to work. I have tried heat guns, and hair dryers, and though they work; it can be timely, and if you aren’t careful, costly. I have actually melted plastic bottles with a hair dryer trying to get the band to shrink completely. What I have found to be the best method of applying shrink bands is what I call the hot water method. Easy, fairly quick, and though I might mess up a couple bands, I have never melted a bottle.

How to Use Shrink Bands

Today’s “Bri”ef is on the application of shrink bands using the hot water method.

The first step is to bring a pot of water to a boil and remove from heat. Once the water stops boiling you are ready to proceed. I have tried nuking water in the microwave, and though it works for one or two bands, the water tends to cool too quickly.

Next, make sure that your closure of choice, or standard dropper, are fastened securely on your bottle. Then place the shrink band over the neck of the bottle so that it sits half over the closure, and half over the bottle.

Best Process For Shrink Bands For Bottles

Using a pair of kitchen tongs, hold the shrink band in place.

Carefully, without burning yourself, insert the banded area of the bottle into the water. As soon as the band starts to come into contact with the water it will start to shrink. It's takes mere seconds to completely shrink the band.

Finally, remove the bottle from the water, and let air dry.

It is important to note that using the hot water method to apply your shrink bands to your bottles should be done BEFORE you apply your labels. If your labels are not water proof, you could ruin them by reversing the steps.

We hope that this easy method of application helps you in providing your customers with the security of knowing their items are sealed and safe. I hope you join me next time, and as always, I am happy to help any time our valued customers have questions. Please feel free to email us, or call us at (855) 754-3728 if you should ever need assistance with choosing the correct product for your specific needs. Should you have any questions about this blog, or ideas for future please email me at, and type BLOG TOPIC in the subject line.

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Packaging Options Direct Explains Packaging Labels and Container Decoration

-Monday, February 9, 2015

“BRI”ef: 107 - Packaging Options Direct – Guide to Packaging Labels and Container Decoration

As with choosing your packaging and closures, having an idea on what kind of decoration you would like one your glass bottle or plastic jar is key to completing your overall look. While Packaging Options Direct does not offer any kind of decorating or filling of our containers, I felt my “BRI”ef’s would be incomplete without at least giving my readers the all the packaging knowledge I can. The term “Decoration” in the packaging industry refers to anything applied to a bottle or jar which gives it a decorative appearance.  There are several types of decoration that can be applied to your container as we will review here.

Labels are the most common type of decoration, and are found on everything from cleaning product bottles, to mayonnaise jars and soup cans. They can be used on all types of glass or plastic packaging and can be pressure sensitive where glue is already applied to the label backing, paper where the adhesive is applied separately from the label backing, or sleeves. Pressure sensitive and paper labels have different formulations of adhesives for each type of material they are applied to. Sleeve labels usually require an indented or protected label area to be applied to (like those on our F-Style bottles), and are adhered by geometry, adhesive, or shrinking the label to fit the bottle. Most individuals who are in the start-up phase of a small company choose to print their labels from home, and apply the labels themselves.

Bottle Decoration and Jar Decoration

The next style of bottle and jar decoration is Silk-screening. You see containers and packaging that have been silk-screened almost every day – just look in your shower. Silk-screening is a very popular type of packaging decoration; and is a process where ink is transferred though a silk-like polyester mesh material onto the desired container, very similar to silk-screen printing a T-shirt. Silk-screening is commonly used on glass and plastic bottles and jars, as well as on closures, and liners; but is not often seen on metal cans.

Offset Printing is similar to silkscreening. It is a method of printing that uses printing plates (rather than silk screens) to transfer ink to containers. Offset printing is more exact than silk-screening and is also more practical for decorating a bottle or jar with more intricate artwork requiring more colors. This process tends to be more expensive than silk-screening as multiple plates must be created for each color used, so it is best used only in the case of very large quantities.



Lithography Supplies and Resources

Lithography is another method used to decorate containers with flat surfaces, such as a paint can; and is done using plates, and must be done on the sheet metal prior to the can being molded. This is often done to items which are custom made specifically for a company, and not sold in bulk distribution settings (like Packaging Options Direct).

Metalizing is the process of coating a plastic or glass item with a thin layer of metal to give it gold, silver, or other metallic appearance. Metalizing is seldom used as a means of labeling containers, but is commonly used on closures for cosmetic packages to give them a metallic appearance and an upscale look.

Hot Stamping is another decorating style that you might see more than you realize. It is a technique in which designs are pressed from ribbons of metallized film onto the surface of a plastic container using a heated die. This method is often used, usually in a small area of the package decoration, in addition to silk-screening on cosmetic containers such as shampoo and conditioner bottles.

In-Mold Labeling is yet another option for labeling containers and is the process of applying pre-printed labels directly to the plastic container while it is being molded. This is an economically friendly option for large manufacturing runs; as there is no need for a third party application process.

Shrink Labels and Bands are pre-decorated sleeves that are applied over the container and heated by dry or heat steam, until they conform to the packaging shape. The process is much like that of the sleeve label mentioned earlier, but superior for odd shaped or smaller bottles. Good examples of shrink labels are those found on salad dressing bottles. The artwork must be specifically designed to shrink to the dimensions of the package without distortion.  This is particularly important when the container is not a simple cylindrical one.

Pad Printing is the process of directly transferring ink by means of a pad (much like that of a rubber stamp). This process is used on smaller areas and also to decorate points on oddly shaped containers, like coloring in the eyes or nose of a “honey bear” bottle.

Ultimate Packaging Buyers Guide and Checklist FAQ's

Now that you are familiar with the different types of decorations for packaging it might be easier for you to envision the overall look you would like for your project. Not to mention it’s easier to source a supplier if you have an idea of what you would like. I hope you join me next time, and as always, I am happy to help any time our valued customers have questions. Please feel free to email us, or call us at (855) 754-3728 if you should ever need assistance with choosing the correct product for your specific needs. Should you have any questions about this blog, or ideas for future please email me at, and type BLOG TOPIC in the subject line.

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