Amazing Homemade Lip Balm - The Best Lip Balm Recipe

-Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photo of Sara, Packaging Options Direct guest bloggerHomemade, Homegrown & Hand-RaisedHey there, it’s Sara again. So, as usual, I am busy with my endeavors. There is a local “trading” event coming up and I’m busy creating things to trade. I am trying to come up with things that I can replicate for a new brand of homemade items I’m trying to launch. Nothing major, just some local farmers market type events.

I have been busy working on designing tags, business cards, logos, packaging, etc….

It’s called Homemade Revolt, by The Homesteading Revolution! Ok, there’s my plug, moving on…

So, for the trading event, I have gathered up all my POD supplies and gone to work. I was able to very quickly make some surprisingly easy and awesome lip balm.

How To Make Homemade Lip Balm

Total time: 20 minutes

Skill level: Beginner


***Using local bee-related ingredients, helps you maintain a good immune system. Local bees gather local ingredients, so it helps you fight off local allergens, etc.***


There are a billion different recipes circling the internet right now, so I tried 1:1:½ Bees wax, coconut oil, honey. I am pleased with the results. Mine hardened a little more than I would have liked, so next time I will increase the coconut oil by an extra ½ to 1.


Grate your bees wax and add to double boiler (Mine was already grated, but if you use your grater, it will be covered with wax, so don’t use your nice one that you use with food,) with coconut oil. Melt down to liquid state, then add honey. Completely incorporate honey, and mix in tinted mineral oil if interested. Stir until all ingredients are mixed together in liquid state.  (I added my tinted mineral powder prior to melting, it works just as well)

Take your medicine dropper and fill your lip balm containers carefully.

0.3 oz Round Metal Balm Tin and Cover

***Please take care, as the balm will be very hot. I should have put these containers on something to prevent the heat from getting to my table. Don’t do what I did here, use your dropper to pack the un-tinted balm first, it took me awhile to clean the dropper so I didn’t get tint in the regular balm.***

Let your lip balm cool, as it cools, it will harden. You can increase the amount of bees wax to develop a harder balm, or increase the amount of coconut oil to make it a softer one.

I have been using my lip balm for at least a week, maybe two, and I’m completely in love already. Every time someone sees me with it, they want one, so I give them one…..I may not have any left to trade, but that’s ok. I really like that I can re-use these awesome tins to make more lip balm once I have used it all up. 

Homemade Lip Balm (Know You Know!)

These are lovely, all natural, no preservative, chemical free, inexpensive, customizable lip balms. Did I mention these are easy to make? They are! Have fun creating your own versions!

If you want to learn more about me, my endeavors, or simply just say hello, check out my website called My Homesteading Revolution, previous POD blogs, or find me on Facebook.

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How To Make Foaming Soap For Your Soap Dispenser

-Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photo of Sara, Packaging Options Direct guest bloggerHi, me again, the one with the three beautiful girls. Did I mention I’m a homesteader in Arizona? We have a lot of dirt here in the high desert, and my girls are not easy on their clothes, or shoes, or hair. In fact, they are just downright grubby little humans. Also, these little princesses are still learning the concept of not wasting things. Turn off lights etc... I haven’t been able to break them of their soap overload. Seriously, these kids use a bottle of soap every couple days.

My friends over at Packaging Options Direct have sent me a magical device to help me in my quest for clean, non-wasting princesses.

Ta Da!!!!  (Don’t mind my photo-bombing cat, Aspen)

Foaming Soap Dispenser


Ok so, the coolness level of this is like 15 out of 10. I like expensive soap, but it doesn’t come in one of those fancy foaming bottles. Now my expensive soap is like a concentrate. Enough about me, this is going to help my kids not waste my expensive soap anymore!!

I didn’t even measure this out. I poured soap into the bottle until it was about ¼ of the way full, and then I filled it almost to the top with water. You have to leave room for the lid and the suds, for when you shake it up. Put the lid on and shake, shake, shake! I had really great helpers for this.

I always tell my girls that even Princesses need to wash their hands, so my biggest tiny human wanted special princess soap. The gears started grinding and I was on a mission to make princess soap.

I added a couple drops of red food dye to help make it pink. I was careful to keep it low key, since I wanted their hands clean, not pink! The magic of childhood is appearances, so I decided to decorate the bottle in true princess fashion. I used permanent markers this time.  My little helpers wanted to help so badly, so I turned this over to them.

Ta Da! Princess wash, complete with pink flower: Simple, yet fun and effective!

How To Make Foaming Soap For Your Pump

Here’s a quick rundown of the instructions for the soap.

  1. Take your favorite hand soap (dish soap, or any other type of soap will work too.)
  2. Fill white foaming bottle ¼ of the way up with soap.
  3. Add water almost to top.
  4. Attach foaming pump lid.
  5. Shake!
  6. Pump a few times to get the soap into the foaming pump.

Here are the supplies I used from POD (A big thanks for all their cool products)

Total cost of the reusable bottle and foaming pump was $0.97. For the children’s soap pump, I bought a bottle of dollar store soap, which will be used approximately 6 times. This makes my cost per fill approximately $0.32 for the first 6 times, then $0.16 for each time following. For my expensive castile soap that I love, it’s roughly $10. I think I can get 20 uses out of it (with none wasted!!!) for only $0.50 a fill!

I am seriously putting these all over the house. This will be a great way for them to shampoo their hair, body washes, and for me to wash dishes since I’m the soap waster in that area.

Did you know Sara has over 27 animals and 3 kids? Check out Sara's story here.

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Homemade DIY Bath Salt and Body Scrub Fundraiser

-Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Packaging Options Direct customer Leslie Fly, from Oshi Flowers, came to Bri seeking some jars for a personal fundraiser she wanted to put on to support her team in the upcoming Relay for Life Nashville to support the American Cancer Society. Upon speaking with Leslie, Bri and the Packaging Options Direct Team wanted to support her efforts, and donated the jars she was originally looking to purchase out of her own pocket. Read Leslie’s story below.

By Leslie Fly

Diving into a project because you see the idea or inspiration, on a blog or Pinterest board, brings out your creativity, excitement and curiosity. Then comes finding all the right items at the right price. As a Team Captain for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Nashville, those were my thoughts when I was needing to come up with an onsite fundraiser. Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

Donation from Packaging Options DirectI have recently become involved with essential oils and started making bath salts and scrubs, so I thought "Hey why not offer a make and take with bath salts and scrubs as the team's fundraiser?”. As a customer of Packaging Options Direct since 2014, I was at the same time receiving emails from them about different specials going on so I thought that's where I can get the jars for the best price! After a phone call P.O.D they were extremely generous and donated the 240 of the 8 oz. cream jars and lids, as well as, a personal donation to my team's fundraising goal! All the items arrived - within two days of being told the items were going to be donated! Craziness!

The idea was a “Create Your Own” bath salt bar at the event. My team and I put together 48 jars of a mixture of Epsom salt and baking soda, so those who didn't want to mix their own from scratch could just add the essential oils and go, while others could make their own salts from scratch.  They started from the beginning by blending the Epsom salt and baking soda; and then mixed in their choice of essential oils.

If you couldn’t make it out for our onsite fundraiser but still want to support our team’s efforts, please click here; and check back later in May for my update to this story.

Bath Salt and Body Scrub Fundraiser