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-Monday, February 23, 2015

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This jar is perfect for many of our products!!!

These jars are the best for my scrubs and the delivery was absolutely awesome! I'll be buying more from you guys!

Love these bottles!! Perfect size for a home made organic lotion.

These bottles are high quality. We use them to store raw ingredients that would normally deteriorate in quality. The amber color helps keep sun rays at bay.

I have been using these bottles for DIY E-Juice, I use the matching polycone caps, they're perfect for this application, the amber color protects them from light, they are also about 1/4 the price charged by E-Cig vendors, shipment was very fast and everything arrived in perfect condition, I highly recommend both the product and Packaging Options Direct...

Great price for these cocktail mix bottles which can be used for just about anything perfect for signature drinks for a special occasion (put one on each table). Great quality and packaging was perfect no broken bottles and fast delivery at a great price.

Beautiful Cobalt Blue glass bottles, excellent for showing off premium products.

These are perfect for Wedding Favors! A friend used these to make home-made hot sauce from a family recipe and gave them away as their wedding favors. It was unique and affordable.

I looked everywhere before I purchased these, and you can't beat the price. On top of that Packaging Options Direct has outstanding customer service. This is my one stop shop for all my bottling needs.

I ordered these 2oz bottles to use in centerpieces for my business. They are just what I was wanting: an adorable size for flowers, crystal clear, and with a small opening. The shipping was fast and I was very impressed with the level of care with which my order was packed. I will be back!


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Shrink Bands For Bottles How To Guide

-Friday, February 13, 2015

"BRI"ef: 108 - Packaging Options Direct - Guide on How to Use Shrink Bands

Just like our middle name, Packaging Options Direct knows that there are several options on how to apply shrink bands. Over my years in the packaging industry, I have performed multiple tests on how the best way to get the shrink bands to work. I have tried heat guns, and hair dryers, and though they work; it can be timely, and if you aren’t careful, costly. I have actually melted plastic bottles with a hair dryer trying to get the band to shrink completely. What I have found to be the best method of applying shrink bands is what I call the hot water method. Easy, fairly quick, and though I might mess up a couple bands, I have never melted a bottle.

How to Use Shrink Bands

Today’s “Bri”ef is on the application of shrink bands using the hot water method.

The first step is to bring a pot of water to a boil and remove from heat. Once the water stops boiling you are ready to proceed. I have tried nuking water in the microwave, and though it works for one or two bands, the water tends to cool too quickly.

Next, make sure that your closure of choice, or standard dropper, are fastened securely on your bottle. Then place the shrink band over the neck of the bottle so that it sits half over the closure, and half over the bottle.

Best Process For Shrink Bands For Bottles

Using a pair of kitchen tongs, hold the shrink band in place.

Carefully, without burning yourself, insert the banded area of the bottle into the water. As soon as the band starts to come into contact with the water it will start to shrink. It's takes mere seconds to completely shrink the band.

Finally, remove the bottle from the water, and let air dry.

It is important to note that using the hot water method to apply your shrink bands to your bottles should be done BEFORE you apply your labels. If your labels are not water proof, you could ruin them by reversing the steps.

We hope that this easy method of application helps you in providing your customers with the security of knowing their items are sealed and safe. I hope you join me next time, and as always, I am happy to help any time our valued customers have questions. Please feel free to email us, or call us at (855) 754-3728 if you should ever need assistance with choosing the correct product for your specific needs. Should you have any questions about this blog, or ideas for future please email me at, and type BLOG TOPIC in the subject line.

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Packaging Options Direct Explains Packaging Labels and Container Decoration

-Monday, February 9, 2015

“BRI”ef: 107 - Packaging Options Direct – Guide to Packaging Labels and Container Decoration

As with choosing your packaging and closures, having an idea on what kind of decoration you would like one your glass bottle or plastic jar is key to completing your overall look. While Packaging Options Direct does not offer any kind of decorating or filling of our containers, I felt my “BRI”ef’s would be incomplete without at least giving my readers the all the packaging knowledge I can. The term “Decoration” in the packaging industry refers to anything applied to a bottle or jar which gives it a decorative appearance.  There are several types of decoration that can be applied to your container as we will review here.

Labels are the most common type of decoration, and are found on everything from cleaning product bottles, to mayonnaise jars and soup cans. They can be used on all types of glass or plastic packaging and can be pressure sensitive where glue is already applied to the label backing, paper where the adhesive is applied separately from the label backing, or sleeves. Pressure sensitive and paper labels have different formulations of adhesives for each type of material they are applied to. Sleeve labels usually require an indented or protected label area to be applied to (like those on our F-Style bottles), and are adhered by geometry, adhesive, or shrinking the label to fit the bottle. Most individuals who are in the start-up phase of a small company choose to print their labels from home, and apply the labels themselves.

Bottle Decoration and Jar Decoration

The next style of bottle and jar decoration is Silk-screening. You see containers and packaging that have been silk-screened almost every day – just look in your shower. Silk-screening is a very popular type of packaging decoration; and is a process where ink is transferred though a silk-like polyester mesh material onto the desired container, very similar to silk-screen printing a T-shirt. Silk-screening is commonly used on glass and plastic bottles and jars, as well as on closures, and liners; but is not often seen on metal cans.

Offset Printing is similar to silkscreening. It is a method of printing that uses printing plates (rather than silk screens) to transfer ink to containers. Offset printing is more exact than silk-screening and is also more practical for decorating a bottle or jar with more intricate artwork requiring more colors. This process tends to be more expensive than silk-screening as multiple plates must be created for each color used, so it is best used only in the case of very large quantities.



Lithography Supplies and Resources

Lithography is another method used to decorate containers with flat surfaces, such as a paint can; and is done using plates, and must be done on the sheet metal prior to the can being molded. This is often done to items which are custom made specifically for a company, and not sold in bulk distribution settings (like Packaging Options Direct).

Metalizing is the process of coating a plastic or glass item with a thin layer of metal to give it gold, silver, or other metallic appearance. Metalizing is seldom used as a means of labeling containers, but is commonly used on closures for cosmetic packages to give them a metallic appearance and an upscale look.

Hot Stamping is another decorating style that you might see more than you realize. It is a technique in which designs are pressed from ribbons of metallized film onto the surface of a plastic container using a heated die. This method is often used, usually in a small area of the package decoration, in addition to silk-screening on cosmetic containers such as shampoo and conditioner bottles.

In-Mold Labeling is yet another option for labeling containers and is the process of applying pre-printed labels directly to the plastic container while it is being molded. This is an economically friendly option for large manufacturing runs; as there is no need for a third party application process.

Shrink Labels and Bands are pre-decorated sleeves that are applied over the container and heated by dry or heat steam, until they conform to the packaging shape. The process is much like that of the sleeve label mentioned earlier, but superior for odd shaped or smaller bottles. Good examples of shrink labels are those found on salad dressing bottles. The artwork must be specifically designed to shrink to the dimensions of the package without distortion.  This is particularly important when the container is not a simple cylindrical one.

Pad Printing is the process of directly transferring ink by means of a pad (much like that of a rubber stamp). This process is used on smaller areas and also to decorate points on oddly shaped containers, like coloring in the eyes or nose of a “honey bear” bottle.

Ultimate Packaging Buyers Guide and Checklist FAQ's

Now that you are familiar with the different types of decorations for packaging it might be easier for you to envision the overall look you would like for your project. Not to mention it’s easier to source a supplier if you have an idea of what you would like. I hope you join me next time, and as always, I am happy to help any time our valued customers have questions. Please feel free to email us, or call us at (855) 754-3728 if you should ever need assistance with choosing the correct product for your specific needs. Should you have any questions about this blog, or ideas for future please email me at, and type BLOG TOPIC in the subject line.

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Packaging Your Product Is Important: Glass vs Plastic - View Infographic

-Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glass Is A Great Option

Creating awesome products is fun. Choosing how to package them in the most elegant manner can be more challenging. As you know, Packaging Options Direct offers glass, plastic, metal tins and more options. We are not here to tell you which option is best for your product, although, we scour the internet for cool information to provide to you.

Glass vs Plastic For Your Product

The below infographic from our friends at BottlesUp Glass illustrates why glass may (depending on your product) be a better option for your product.

Omnibus Survey: Glass vs Plastic

It seems like people prefer glass over plastic at the presentation level. It is interesting that 81% of people say that glass containers are more appealing on the shelf. Also, 1 in 3 people would buy more of their favorite foods and drinks in glass, if they were available.

We hope you enjoyed this short message.

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How Glass Jars Can Improve Your Health

-Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Did you know that glass jars and containers could help to improve your health?

Many people don’t even realize that glass jars and containers can be used for a wide range of purposes. For most people, the only reason they even have glass jars in their homes is because they bought pasta sauce or pickles from the grocery store or other items that are already pre-packaged.

There are so many ways you can repurpose glass jars and take advantage of the storage benefits, the health benefits and so much more.

How Glass Jars Can Improve Your Health

How Glass Jars are Better than Plastic

Widespread concern over exposure to harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic is growing and many individuals are choosing to stay away from plastic entirely.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is widely used in plastic products such as baby bottles, children’s toys, the lining of most food and beverage cans, water bottles and more. Many studies on BPA have found that there is a link between BPA exposure and serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, liver problems and developmental problems in the brain and hormonal systems of children.

BPA is so prevalent in many of the products we encounter on a daily basis so it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate exposure to the harmful chemical, but there are ways to limit exposure to BPA by making a few habit changes and taking simple precautions.

One major way to eliminate your exposure to BPA and the risks associated with the chemical is to take advantage of glass jars for food storage, canning your own foods and preparing your meals in glass jars and containers.

Interested in learning more about how glass jars can improve your health?

Read on for more tips and tricks that show how you can improve your health and your overall lifestyle by using glass jars.

Health Benefits from Using Glass Jars

Food Safety

One of the main benefits of using glass jars also happens to be one of the main uses of the product. When you go to the grocery store you will find that many food items are already either canned or stored in glass jars. Things like pasta sauce, pickles, fruit jams and jellies, peanut butter and other spreads, juices, honey, coffee and many other items are sold in glass jars. Buying these products in glass jars as opposed to plastic is one way to help improve your health and reduce your exposure to plastic.

Canning food in glass jars also has serious health benefits and canning is a growing trend that is quickly gaining popularity. Individuals who can their own food always have seasonal produce and food that is fresh, tasty and is ultimately cheaper.

Glass jars also won’t absorb food colors or smells and they won’t allow any chemicals to leak into the food. Plastic is a porous material and when food is stored in plastic the container will absorb the color and the odor of the food. Plastic also leaks chemicals when it is heated that are then absorbed by your food.

Food Storage & Food Prep

Using glass jars for food storage is another great way to reduce exposure to plastic as well as to help keep your pantry organized. You can store anything in glass jars.

Cereal, rice, coffee, sugar, juice, baking soda, dried fruits and vegetables, jams, salt and anything else you can think of. You can also prepare food in your glass jars to make speedy meals. Salads, oatmeal and other dishes are perfectly prepared in glass jars and you can even serve them in the jar!

Eco-Friendly & Economical

Glass jars can improve your personal health, but they can also positively affect the health of the environment.

Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle (way easier than plastic) and the best way to practice eco-friendliness. More than 80% of recycled glass makes it back to the market in some way and recycled glass uses less energy than manufacturing new glass.

Recycled glass is in no way lower quality than a new glass product and no toxins are produced during the recycling process.

Using glassware can also save you money over time. Sure the initial cost of investing in good quality glass jars may be higher than plastic, but glass lasts longer and can be reused many times so you end up saving money in the long run. If you are also canning your own food then you will also be saving money on produce and on food costs since you will be buying food that is in season and cheaper.

Ready to Replace that Plastic with Glass?

Replacing your plastic food and storage containers with glass jars will not only improve your overall health but you will also save money on containers, on produce and you will be more environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about glass jars and their multi-purpose functions make sure to connect with the experts at Packaging Options Direct.

We would love to share the many benefits of glass jars and help you find the perfect containers for your needs. Contact us today!

Choosing the Right Mason Jars for Canning

-Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Canning and preserving your own food is more than just a popular trend that is making its way through homes in the United States – it’s a wonderful way of preserving your food to protect it from spoiling, to protect yourself from rising food costs and it offers many other benefits.

Many people are afraid of tackling the efforts of canning because they have heard about how complicated and time consuming the process can be. Although it does require a time commitment, the process of canning your own jams, jellies, sauces and veggies is totally doable and easy to learn. Eating food that you preserved yourself is rewarding, delicious and healthy.

Not only do you have control over the ingredients you add to your creations but you can also experiment with flavors and get creative. Canning your own food requires tools that you can already find in your kitchen and the right mason jars for your creations.

Before we go into detail about the different glass jars and lids you need for canning your own food, let’s learn a little bit more about the benefits of canning and the history of the process.

Canning Jars

Benefits of Canning

Health Benefits – Many people are concerned about the rise of BPA in commercial canned foods. BPA (bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics since the late 1950s.

Exposure to this chemical can result in negative health effects on the brain and behavior of infants and children. When you can your own food you have a choice of what container to store your food in. BPA-free food as well as healthy preservative-free food that contains no harmful additives or pesticides is the number one reason many individuals switch to canning.

Eco-Friendly – When you use glass jars to can your own food you are reducing the waste associated with pre-packaged foods and your containers are recyclable and reusable. Financial Benefits – When you buy produce that is in season it’s not only tasty but it comes out cheap and economical. You also have to buy the supplies required for canning only once!

Sentimentality – Some feel that canning is a powerful connection to culture, family, heritage and the past.

Personal Satisfaction – There is something very rewarding about producing and preserving your own food.

Quality – No commercially produced product tastes as good as a homemade preserve, that’s just a fact of life.

History of Mason Jars & Canning

Napoleon is often credited with the invention of modern canning because the French military offered a cash prize of 12,000 francs to whoever was able to develop a new method to preserve food in 1795.

In 1858 John Landis Mason invented the original Mason jar. The threaded top used to seal the jar was a revolutionary concept in food preservation.

Unfortunately for Mason, he didn’t renew the patent on his creation until after it expired in 1879 and he passed away relatively poor in the 1900s.

There have been many others who have expanded on Mason’s original idea by creating a wide range of glass jars, lids and closures to use for food preservation.

Different Types of Mason Jars Used for Canning

A Mason jar is a molded glass jar that is originally used in canning to preserve food.

Although in today’s modern world of DIY projects and Pinterest there are various other ways to repurpose glass jars, using the container to preserve food is still its number one purpose. The mouth of the jar has threads on its outer perimeter so it can accept a metal ring when it is screwed down onto it.

Other common names for the original Mason jar include Ball jars (after the Ball Corporation), fruit jars and simply glass canning jars.

All Mason jars are not created equal. They are remarkably similar to commercially used jars, but the biggest difference is that real Mason jars have a wider rim that gives them a better sealing surface.

They are also made better so they can resist cracking and breaking under the high pressure that is necessary for canning. Real Mason jars have two types of mouths – a “regular mouth” and a “wide mouth.”

The regular mouth jar is slightly smaller near the top, which helps to hold the food under the liquid level. This type of jar cannot be used for freezing because the smaller neck won’t allow for expansion of the liquids as they freeze. A wide mouth jar is great for food that may be hard to put in a regular mouth jar and they are safe for freezing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Mason Jars for Canning

In the same way that there are different types of knives for cutting different types of food, there are also a variety of sizes of canning jars made to properly preserve different kinds of foods.

Here is a run-down of the different sizes and styles of Mason jars used for canning.

Wide-Mouth Half-Gallon Jar – The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends using half-gallon jars only for canning apple juice and grape juice. Due to the large size, these jars are hard to heat all the way through and it’s impossible to ensure that the food in the center of the jar has been heated and cooked properly.

Regular-Mouth Quart Jar – This is probably the most versatile canning jar. You can store pickles, fruits, vegetables, beans, tomatoes, juices and more.

Wide-Mouth Quart-Jar – This jar is perfect for large chunks of fruits and vegetables and you can freeze them too.

Regular-Mouth Pint Jar – This jar is the most widely used jar in kitchens around the world. Perfect for sweet pickles and fruit preserves.

12-Ounce Jelly Jar – This jar is smaller than a pint and it’s perfect for giving away your delicious creations as gifts.

Half-Pint Jelly Jar – This size is preferred by many canning experts for jams, jellies, preserves and butters.

Wide-Mouth Half-Pint Jar – These jars have a nice shape and are also commonly used as packaging for gifting homemade goods.

The Commercial Jar – This jar is not a real canning jar in spite of its Mason jar label.

Getting Started with Canning

Although the idea of reusing commercial tomato sauce jars as canning jars may be tempting and seem economical, they are not appropriate for canning homemade goods. These jars have a greater possibility of sealing problems and breaking. They also have smaller necks, which makes them hard to fill. These jars are perfect for storing dry goods such as rice, flour or pasta but never use them for canning.

These tips may seem odd, because a jar is just a jar right? Wrong.

The difference between packaging your preserves in the right jar can make a huge difference between delicious jellies and dangerous spoiled goods.

If you are interested in learning and mastering the craft of canning, or if you need to replenish your inventory of good quality glass Mason jars, then contact the experts at Packaging Options Direct.

We offer the finest quality of classic Mason jars of all shapes and sizes that will perfectly fit all of your canning needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory or to place an order!

Decorating your Wedding with Glass Bottles and Jars

-Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weddings are expensive. Between paying for flowers, catering, linens, silverware, plate ware, a DJ or live band, the venue, the dress and many other little details – the average wedding can easily cost more $15,000. This cost can widely vary depending on how many guests are invited and other factors.

Do-it-yourself trends are thus becoming more popular. Not only can you save a lot of money, but it also puts a unique and memorable touch to your special day. Not to mention that you will have a great time bonding with your bridesmaids while you hold DIY parties to put together unique creations for your big day. Glass bottles and jars are the perfect solution for a bride who is sticking to a budget and is also conscious of the environment and her carbon footprint.

Glass bottles and jars are recyclable and full of creative potential. The beauty of glass bottles and jars is that you can reuse and abuse them for multiple occasions. Weddings are wonderful celebrations that demand multiple events leading up to the actual wedding. Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties and many other exciting parties build up the anticipation leading up the big day. If you were to order enough glass bottles or jars, or both, you could use them for each individual event, which would ultimately save you a lot of money.

If you are interested in decorating your wedding with glass bottles and jars and you are looking for innovative and unique ideas then you have come to the right place. Apart from supplying you with the perfect packaging options for all of your needs, our experts at Packaging Options Direct are here to offer you a diverse collection of ideas for decorating your wedding with glass bottles and jars for you to choose from.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Wedding Jars

Decoration Options with Glass Bottles and Jars

Drinking Glasses

Whether you are using these for a shower, a bachelorette party or your actual wedding day, glass jars and bottles are perfect for serving refreshments. Perfect for iced tea, lemonade or cocktails you can label the jars with chalkboard stickers so each guess can write their name on his or her respective glass. You can even dress up the jars and bottles with ribbons, bows, flowers or other elements to add some personal flair. You can even offer these personalized glass containers as wedding favors for your guests!

Candle Holders

You can use glass jars as votive candleholders. The soft flames of delicate tea lights flickering against the curved glass will add a romantic and beautiful touch to your special day. You can paint the jars in different colors, dress them up in lace, tie pretty ribbons in your wedding colors or group a couple of jars together for a collective and dreamy feel. Whether you use these on the tables or line them up down the aisle to accentuate your big entrance, these simple glass jars as candleholders will add a magical touch to your special day at a very low cost.


In the same way that you can use glass jars as candleholders you can also use glass bottles or jars as lanterns that hang around your reception. These would be a beautiful addition to an outdoor wedding and a perfect touch for a rustic inspired reception. You can loop some garden wire around the top of the jar or bottle to make a handle and hang them around the area. Flickering glass lanterns will add a soft and romantic accent to any outdoor wedding.


Why spend a ridiculous amount of money on professional centerpieces when you can easily do it yourself? You should definitely work with a florist for your flower needs, but you can save some money if you provide the professional with your own glass bottles and jars to act as vases. If you prefer to have professional centerpieces on the tables at your wedding, you can also add to the arrangement with separate arrangements, candles or other decorative elements stored in the glass containers.

Bridesmaids Thank You Gifts

Your bridesmaids have been there for you long before your big day and they have been there to assist you through every step of the wedding planning process. What better way to thank them for participating in your wedding and for being your best girl friends than with a goodie bag stocked in a pretty glass bottle or jar that they can ultimately reuse? As with all DIY glass container crafts, you can completely customize each gift with items you know your bridesmaid(s) will enjoy. You can include luxury spa items such as foot soak to soothe feet that have been dancing all night long, an eye-cooling mask to soothe tired facial muscles, a luxurious scrub and lotion or any other items you think your girls will enjoy.

Party Favors

Give your guests a token of appreciation and a memento of the event to take home with them. Use a pretty glass jar or bottle to add in the ingredients to your favorite hot cocoa recipe or cookie mix. You could literally fill the glass container with all kinds of goodies and decorate it with various elements that fit the theme of your wedding.

Place Cards

Remember the tip about using glass jars as personalized drinking cups? Why not use those same cups as place cards that will tell your guests where they will be sitting during the reception? You can ultimately create a personalized glass jar or bottle as a drink cup, a place card and a party favor all in one for each of your guests.

Dessert Bar or Desert in a Jar

If you are serving desert as a buffet style bar, then glass jars and bottles are the perfect option for storing these goodies. Sweet and sour candies, chocolates and various other bite sized sweets will look adorable and tempting in shiny glass bottles or jars. If you prefer to serve actual deserts, then you can also store individual desserts to be served to your guests for after dinner or they can take them home to enjoy after the reception. Blueberry pie, no-bake strawberry cheesecake and s’mores in a jar are all delicious options that look wonderful served in a pretty glass jar.

Save & Create with Glass Bottles & Jars!

The biggest benefit of using glass jars and bottles to decorate with on your special day is that you can completely personalize them – they are essentially a blank canvas for you to do with as you wish. Apart from the super savings that you will accumulate by working with recyclable and reusable materials, the unique touch will make your big day even more special. Packaging Options Direct can help you find the perfect glass bottles and jars for your special day.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and to learn more about our services and products.

Ultimate Guide to Food Storage with Glass Jars

-Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The possibilities for using glass jars as storage are endless.

Whether you are packaging food to sell or just being efficient with leftovers, glass jars are the king of storage. Not only are glass jars more attractive and creative for food storage, but they are also way better than plastic containers.

With a few ideas, tips and tricks under your belt, you can use glass jars safely and beautifully to store food in your fridge, freezer and pantry.

Glass jars can be found in just about every size, color and shape that you could possibly ever need. Using glass jars for food storage is one of the best ways to keep your pantry, fridge and freezer organized. You can label them, paint them and customize and organize them in any way you please.

We’re pretty experienced with all kinds of packaging here at Packaging Options Direct, but even we can’t deny the versatility, popularity and efficiency of glass jars when it comes to food storage.

Although there is a myriad of ways you can use glass jars in your everyday life, today we are going to focus on putting together the ultimate guide to food storage with glass jars.

Let’s begin.

Pasta Canning Jars

Benefits of Glass Jars Used for Food Storage

The benefits of glass jars heavily outweigh those of plastic containers. Some of the most important and significant benefits of using glass jars versus plastic include:

  • Enhances food flavor: the glossy and smooth surface of glass repels residual odors and flavors. When you reheat food in glass it tastes better than those nuked in plastic, and the food won’t retain the dangerous plastic emissions.
  • Keeps food safe: Science confirms that toxic substances from plastic are easily transferable to food during reheating. Glass jars are simply cleaner than plastic and safer for food storage. Why do you think most food, condiments and sauces are sold in glass jars at the market?
  • Easy clean up: Glass jars can be thrown into the dishwasher without worry and they are durable and long lasting. They’re remarkably strong and resistant to breaking.
  • Eco-Friendly: Plastic is harder to recycle than glass. Up to 80% of recycled glass makes its way back on the market.

Simply put, when using glass jars as storage you become more economical, eco-friendly and you won’t compromise the quality and flavor of the food that is packaged. With good care, you will use your glass jars almost indefinitely.

What can you Store in Glass Jars?

The real question is what can’t you store in glass jars? If we were to list every little thing that you can put away in a glass jar we would have to write an entire book, and unfortunately not everyone is as much of a fanatic about packaging options as we are, so we don’t think the book would sell too well.

That’s why we’ll stick to simple lists…everyone loves lists.

  • Salads: Layer your veggies in a glass jar, lock it with a lid and stick it in the fridge. When the craving for some greens comes around all you have to do is pour in some dressing and enjoy.
  • Jellies: Jams, jellies, syrups, soups, juices and homemade condiments can easily be stored in glass jars and organized in your fridge.
  • Leftovers: Forget plastic storage containers, we’ve already ruled them out as being bad. Secure your leftovers in a clean glass jar seal it with a lid and enjoy it later.
  • Herbs: Anything from salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, garlic and pretty much any kind of spice, herb or flavoring can be simply sealed in a glass jar. If you use an airtight lid the strong smells will stay inside the jar as well.
  • Flour, sugar, rice, etc.: The best way to store these substances is in clear glass jars. That way you will be able to see which is which and they will be clean, organized and dry.
  • Tea and coffee: Same thing as flour, sugar and rice. Store your coffee and tea in attractive glass jars and enjoy the delicious aromas that drift out when you pop open the lid.
  • Frozen goods: Don’t freeze liquids in jars because they expand and can crack and break a glass jar. You can however freeze berries, beans and other related items. Make sure to leave at least an inch of space between the top of the food and the mouth of the jar so there is room for expansion. Thaw with care.

You can also store things like laundry detergent, office supplies, cotton balls, tools and more in glass jars. Glass jars are pretty much the most versatile thing in the world.

Check out the Glass Jars from Packaging Options Direct

Whether you are looking for glass jars for personal use at home and food storage, or if you need glass jars to package and sell your product, Packaging Options Direct can help you find and pick out the best glass jars for your needs.

Here at Packaging Options Direct, we have more than 100 years of experience with all kinds of packaging ranging from glass bottles, glass jars, tins, scoops and more.

Contact us if you have any questions about glass jars, packaging or for more information about our products.

Making a Business Out of Glass Bottles and Jars

-Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and e-commerce websites like Etsy, which is focused on handmade items and art and craft supplies, there has never been a better time to consider making a business out of glass bottles and jars.

More and more savvy entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to start businesses and make additional income using their creativity and DIY capabilities in conjunction with glass bottles and jars and their seemingly endless uses. From homemade pasta sauces to beautiful artwork made out of repurposed glass bottles and jars, the possibilities can stretch as far as your imagination will take you.

Whether you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to turn your grandmother’s secret salad dressing recipe into a worldwide sensation or have turned your Pinterest obsession for planning events into a real life business filled with gorgeous Mason jar centerpieces, having a great source for packaging can mean all the difference to your success.

Other popular businesses that are popping up using glass bottles and jars include companies that repurpose wine bottles into candle surrounds or holders, drinking glasses, planters and vases, and others that use glass bottles and jars in the food and cosmetic industries.

Glass bottles for business

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From choosing the right size and shape for your glass bottles and jars to helping you select the right closure, scoop or color, our professionals at Packaging Options Direct are your trusted packaging partners.

We understand the demands of small businesses and will work to ensure that your needs are met and exceeded. We will never ask you for a minimum order and you can count on excellent customer service, fast shipping and quality products.

How to Choose the Right Glass Bottles and Jars

Here are a few considerations to make before choosing the right glass bottles and jars for your business:

  • Consider the color of your glass bottles and jars; you don’t have to stick with the traditional clear or flint style. Our most popular colored glass pieces are amber and cobalt. Amber is widely used in the brewing business, while cobalt is a big hit with those who make essential oils and fragrances.
  • Always keep the size of your glass bottles and jars in mind. You’ll want to make sure you’ve double checked your measurements and that you comply with the capacity and overflow capacity measurements listed for the bottle or jar you select. Our team of professionals can assist you with this step and in understanding these measurements.
  • You’ll also want to think about the shape of your glass bottles and jars. While this is mostly associated with the overall look and feel of the finished product, depending on your use, shape may play a larger role.
  • The neck opening is also vitally important to the usability of your product. Be sure to double and triple check that your product can easily be put in and taken out of the container. Again, our team can assist you with these measurements if needed.
  • These are just a few of the considerations you should make in order to select the glass bottles and jars that are best suited for your application.

Glass Bottles and Jars For Your Small Business

To learn more about glass bottles and jars for your small business, our team at Packaging Options Direct encourages you to contact them at your convenience.

We love learning more about the entrepreneurs that frequent our store and the endless ways our products are being used across the world, and would be delighted to help you in the selection process.

With a background in the packaging industry that dates back more than 100 years ago to a hardworking man who had the idea to sell used glass bottles in St. Louis, our company was built with the same entrepreneurial vision as your small business. Let us help you with all your packaging needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and to watching your business grow and flourish with glass bottles and jars.

Should you have any questions, you can contact us by calling customer service at 1-855-754-3728 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm CST, Monday thru Friday. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

-Friday, February 7, 2014

There are so many ways to repurpose glass jars.

From wine and beer bottles to Mason jars and everything in between, with a little imagination your glass jars can be turned into a myriad of things that can be useful at home, in the office or at school.

Why throw away the glass jar that your spaghetti sauce came in? Make yourself a beautiful flower vase or storage container for grains or baking supplies. Take a few moments to wash out the Mason jar on your counter and use it as a centerpiece, storage container or planter for your herb garden.

At Packaging Options Direct, we’ve seen our fair share of creative ways to repurpose glass jars. We’ve taken some time to put together some of our favorites to give you inspiration for your next DIY project. Let’s get started!

Glass Jar Uses

Learn the Best Ways to Repurpose Glass Jars

Clear Glass Vases: The simplicity of a beautiful flower display in a flint glass jar similar to a Mason jar can be a beautiful statement for your home dining table or even as a wedding centerpiece. For rustic elegance, pair a clear glass jar with a formal flower arrangement with a burlap bow or accent. We’ve also seen clients use fruit such as lemons and limes as a vase filler and pop of color before adding their flowers.

Painted Glass Vases: Another one of the ways to repurpose glass jars is to paint the jar and add flowers. Two coats of acrylic paint will usually do the trick as long as you use a quality sealer after the paint has dried. For a rustic or vintage look, use a nail file to scuff-up raised letters and spots around the jar before sealing it. This project works well with glass jars of all shapes and sizes.

Decorative Displays: Have a beach house? Fill a few glass jars of varying sizes and shapes with artifacts from the beach: seashells, sand, rocks and starfish. Place your display on a shelf and enjoy its beauty. Need a place to display and store your makeup brushes? Add some decorative filler to the bottom of the jar and insert your makeup brushes for a clean and beautiful way to store and display them.

Pantry Storage: One of the best ways to organize dry goods and to keep them fresh is to use glass jars. In fact, there are tons of free printable labels available online to make your storage as organized and visually appealing as possible. Many people use Mason-style glass jars for this type of storage, as they hold a considerable amount of product. However, any glass jar with a good quality seal would be ideal for this type of use. Similarly, use glass jars in the bathroom to store everything from soaps and cotton balls to toothbrushes and swabs.

Craft Supplies: Another of the most creative ways to repurpose glass jars that we’ve seen is to paint the top of the jars with chalkboard paint for easy labeling and storage of craft supplies. Store everything from glitter and rubber bands to bows and glue sticks. Similarly, glass jars make great storage for school supplies.

Soap Dispensers: With the proper glass jar, a pump can be added to the top to create a custom soap dispenser for your kitchen, bathroom or powder room. Add colored liquid soap that matches your décor or paint the jar prior to adding the soap for a truly custom look.

Plants: From herb gardens to terrariums, which are very popular right now, glass jars can make great planters. This of course depends on the type of glass bottle you have. Even in the simplest of containers, they can be very beautiful to look at and can add life and color to your living or work space.

Gardening: Have a lot of extra glass jars and bottles lying around? One of the most interesting uses for bottles and jars that we’ve seen recently is as edging around a garden bed. Many folks try this with wine bottles, inserting them upside-down into the ground, and leave the labels on for a truly rustic look with time.

Ready to Renew Your Glass Jar Inventory?

These are just a few of the many, many ways to repurpose glass jars. Do you have additional DIY projects to share with our Packaging Options Direct family? Connect with us on Facebook to share your latest glass jar or glass bottle project. In the meantime, if we can help you find the perfect packaging for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always just a phone call away and look forward to earning your business.

Should you have any questions, you can contact us by calling customer service at 1-855-754-3728 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm CST, Monday thru Friday.