How To Make Foaming Soap For Your Soap Dispenser

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photo of Sara, Packaging Options Direct guest bloggerHi, me again, the one with the three beautiful girls. Did I mention I’m a homesteader in Arizona? We have a lot of dirt here in the high desert, and my girls are not easy on their clothes, or shoes, or hair. In fact, they are just downright grubby little humans. Also, these little princesses are still learning the concept of not wasting things. Turn off lights etc... I haven’t been able to break them of their soap overload. Seriously, these kids use a bottle of soap every couple days.

My friends over at Packaging Options Direct have sent me a magical device to help me in my quest for clean, non-wasting princesses.

Ta Da!!!!  (Don’t mind my photo-bombing cat, Aspen)

Foaming Soap Dispenser


Foaming Soap DispenserOk so, the coolness level of this is like 15 out of 10. I like expensive soap, but it doesn’t come in one of those fancy foaming bottles. Now my expensive soap is like a concentrate. Enough about me, this is going to help my kids not waste my expensive soap anymore!!

I didn’t even measure this out. I poured soap into the bottle until it was about ¼ of the way full, and then I filled it almost to the top with water. You have to leave room for the lid and the suds, for when you shake it up. Put the lid on and shake, shake, shake! I had really great helpers for this.Foaming Soap Dispenser Decorated 1

I always tell my girls that even Princesses need to wash their hands, so my biggest tiny human wanted special princess soap. The gears started grinding and I was on a mission to make princess soap.

I added a couple drops of red food dye to help make it pink. I was careful to keep it low key since I wanted their hands clean, not pink! The magic of childhood is appearances, so I decided to decorate the bottle in true princess fashion. I used permanent markers this time.  My little helpers wanted to help so badly, so I turned this over to them.

Soap Dispenser Picture Mosaic

Ta Da! Princess wash, complete with pink flower: Simple, yet fun and effective!

How To Make Foaming Soap For Your Pump

Here’s a quick rundown of the instructions for the soap.

  1. Take your favorite hand soap (dish soap or any other type of soap will work too.)
  2. Fill white foaming bottle ¼ of the way up with soap.
  3. Add water almost to top.
  4. Attach foaming pump lid.
  5. Shake!
  6. Pump a few times to get the soap into the foaming pump.

Here are the supplies I used from POD (A big thanks for all their cool products)

The total cost of the reusable bottle and foaming pump was $0.97. For the children’s soap pump, I bought a bottle of dollar store soap, which will be used approximately 6 times. This makes my cost per fill approximately $0.32 for the first 6 times, then $0.16 for each time following. For the expensive castile soap that I love, it’s roughly $10. I think I can get 20 uses out of it (with none wasted!!!) for only $0.50 a fill!

I am seriously putting these all over the house. This will be a great way for them to shampoo their hair, body washes, and for me to wash dishes since I’m the soap waster in that area.

Did you know Sara has over 27 animals and 3 kids? Check out Sara's story here.

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