Let’s Get Spicy – From Bags to Bottles

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Packaging Options Direct featured blog

Hi, my name is Sara. I’m mother of three beautiful girls, a full time homesteader in Arizona; and a loyal Packaging Options Direct customer.  I am excited to be a featured blogger for P.O.D.  Over my series; I’ll be giving you tips, tricks, and recipes on how to use the cool items that Packaging Options Direct has to offer.

Today, we are looking at a little help in the kitchen. You see, I have a not-so-complex love/hate relationship with flavors. For instance, I love flavors; spicy, sweet, tangy, earthy. I don’t however love the complex nature in which flavors come (i.e. spice jars, bottles, bags, etc…)

So I’m on a mission to turn this (my current spice storage):

Bin of Spices

Into this:

Drawer of Spices

Let’s get started!

Here is what you’ll need:

Really quickly I’d like to take a moment to advocate for the wet erase markers. First, I love them because they aren’t permanent (Who’s ready for those decisions?) and it cannot accidentally be rubbed off like the dry erase markers. Here is an example:

different types of marker styles

After I rubbed with a finger
showing how easy it is to remove dry erase marker

After a wet wipe
how to remove marker with a wet wipe


The Steps...


  1. Step one – Pick a spice and pour it into a jar.
    pouring spices into spice container
  2. Step two – Add shaker fitment (optional) and threaded closure.
    putting on a sifter fitmentputting on optional red threaded closure
  3. Step three – Label (you can get creative here if you choose. Printable labels, chalkboard paint and chalk, markers, paint, etc… As you see, I have labeled both the closure, and the glass bottle with a wet erase marker.)
    finished spice container with labling


Here I needed to use a funnel so I didn’t spill everywhere.

using a funnel to fill spice containerfinihsed celery seed in spice container



Super easy! And look how beautiful these containers are in my drawer.


finished spice drawer with new containers


I am happy to be on my way to a love/love relationship with flavor. These spice containers provide me with the organization and accessibility that I so desperately need. Also, this project only took me a few minutes. A definite bonus in my book!


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