Rayon Coil - 20 Gram - 20 Pounds per Case

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1 case $128.00/case ($128.00 ea)
2 cases $120.75/case ($120.75 ea)
10 cases $109.28/case ($109.28 ea)
20 cases $96.97/case ($96.97 ea)
1 item per case
Pharmaceutical coil is used as a filler when packaging tablets or capsules. It creates a dry environment inside the bottle. The coil ensures freshness and stability of the product during supply chain shipping and storage.

This 20 gram Rayon Coil is 100% man-made absorbent rayon fiber. It cuts or tears easily and has a moisture content of no more than 11.0%. It is most commonly used in packaging tablets. Rayon coil is biodegradable. One carton contains 20 pounds of coil. For more information and answers to common questions on choosing the right coil, click here.
Sub Style Rayon Coil
Style Pharmaceutical Coil

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