1 Gallon Nitrogen Purged Blue/White HDPE Plastic Industrial Round - 38-400 White Cap Attached - 48/Case

38-400 Neck Finish - Label Indent - White Closure Included - Container Purification

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48 items per case
This 1 gallon blue/white high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic industrial round bottle has a 38-400 continuous thread neck finish. This handleware bottle was purged with nitrogen gas and closed with a 38-400 white plastic closure with a ribbed skirt.

Note that the color is called out as blue/white, which means that this bottle is considered white but has a visually noticable pale blue tint to the white coloring.

If your product requires container purfication before filling, this bottle and closure combo would be a great choice. Nitrogen purging involves blowing nitrogen air into the container then immediately capping the container. Oil testing companies, pharmaceutical companies and some food fillers use clean rooms during the filling process. The nitro purge process removes impurities such as hydrocarbons or gases possibly present in the container that could affect the compound or chemical being filled. So the nitro purge ensures that the container will maintain integrity of your product. Recommended for small to medium size batches due to the extra step required to remove the closure before filling can take place.
Sub Style Industrial Jug
Capacity 1 gal
Shape Round
Style Handleware
Neck Finish 38-400
Material HDPE
Color Blue/White

SKU# 041929

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