24-410 P/P Plastic Mark VI® Fine Mist Sprayer with 5.0625" Dip Tube, White

0.16 cc Output, Smooth Skirt, Clear P/P Overcap - Sold Individually

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This 24-410 neck finish white Mark VI® fine mist sprayer is made of (P/P) polypropylene plastic and comes with a smooth plastic skirt in a white finish. This sprayer comes with a 5.0625 inch dip tube and the clear P/P overcap included completes this package to prevent accidental spraying when not in use. The sprayer can easily be depressed with a single fingertip for excellent atomization application of your favorite product. This sprayer can be used for almost any type of product line.

This fine mist sprayer is commonly used for:

  • Room Sprays
  • Body Sprays
  • Haircare Products
  • Room Fresheners
  • A variety of other products
Color White
Country of Origin USA
Material PP
Style Sprayer
Feature Smooth Closure
Sub Style Fine Mist
Neck Finish 24-410
Spray Output .16cc

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