3 Trends Driving Ecommerce and What They Mean For Consumer Packaged Goods

Monday, January 22, 2018

3 Trends Driving Ecommerce and What They Mean For Consumer Packaged Goods Girl Shopping Online


Online sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) are exploding at a rate of more than 50% year over year. That’s incredible – and scary if you don’t have an ecommerce packaging strategy. Packaging for ecommerce is not just about protecting and preserving the product – that’s critical, yes – but it’s much more. Developing an ecommerce packaging strategy starts with understanding the consumer lifestyle trends and behaviors that are pushing the evolution of retail forward. Here are three such trends – and implications for packaging:

 3 Trends Driving Ecommerce and What They Mean For Consumer Packaged Goods Trend Image

blue 1We live in an omnichannel world with micro-moments transforming the way we shop.

For the consumer, the distinction between brick and mortar retail and ecommerce is increasingly blurred. Shoppers are not always taking a direct path to purchase. A coupon might send the shopper to the store or website, while a visit to the store might invoke a price check online and a web banner ad might inspire a shopper to go to the store for a high touch experience.

Meanwhile, with micro-moments (turning to a device to act on something) impacting the way consumers shop, smartphones are increasingly important to consumers’ shopping journeys. According to a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report on micro-moments and the shopper journey, “what starts as a micro-moment often leads to engagement and even consummation with other channels; comScore’s Local Search Study, for example, found the majority of purchases following a mobile search happened not online, but in a physical store (73%) or on the phone (16%).”

In this blurred retail world, retailers and brand owners have an opportunity to make the consumer’s purchasing and repurchasing experience as seamless, convenient and easy as possible. But remember that blurred and changing channels impact packaging, and if the packaging fails, that affects the consumer’s positive seamless shopping experience and puts brands at risk.


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