38-400 Continuous Thread Lined White P/P Plastic Closure - Foam & Pressure Sensitive Foam Printed Liner

Ribbed Skirt - Matte/Stipple Top - Chamfered Edge

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This 38-400 CT closure has a ribbed skirt, a matte (stipple) top, and a chamfered (beveled) edge between the skirt and the top. It also includes SureSeal foam and Pressure Sensitive Foam printed liners. These liners are the equivalent of F-217 and PS22 liners, respectively. The Pressure Sensitive Foam liner is printed 'Sealed For Your Protection."

The dual liner is designed to be used as an innerseal for dry products such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food. The foam component remains in the cap when consumer opens package. The pressure sensitive foam liner provides a tight innerseal on both glass and plastic bottles, and provides the consumer an indication of tampering (tamper evidency) by remaining sealed to the container when consumer opens package for the first time.
Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Neck Finish 38-400

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