38-400 Continuous Thread Lined White P/P Plastic Closure - PS22 & F-217 Liners

Ribbed Skirt - Smooth Top

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This continuous thread closure has a ribbed skirt and a smooth (glossy) top. It includes a pressure sensitive PS22 printed liner and an F-217 foam liner.

The PS22 liner is printed "Sealed For Your Protection” in black. It is sealed to the container when consumer first opens package. After the package is opened the first time and consumer removes the pressure sensitive liner, the .035 inch F-217 foam liner remains in the cap and helps prevent moisture from affecting product during duration of use. A PS22 liner is best used for packaging dry food and pharamceutical products. It does provide a good seal on both glass and plastic bottles. As with all closure innerseals, prospective users should test for their specific application before use.

Note: Due to the ease in resealing a container with a pressure sensitive liner, we recommend that you follow the US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) guidelines, CPG Sec. 450.500 Tamper-Resistant Packaging Requirements for Certain Over-the-Counter Human Drug Products, and use a supplemental exterior sealing band (a shrink band) if you want to provide the consumer an indication of tampering (tamper evidency).
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Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Style Continuous Thread
Neck Finish 38-400

SKU# 051576

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