38-400 White P/P Plastic Push & Turn Child Resistant Lined Round Closure

Text Top, F-217 Foam Vented Liner, Vented Inner Closure - 2,000 Closures/Case

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1 case $360.00/case ($0.18 ea)
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2,000 items per case
This white Push and Turn child resistant closure has a ribbed skirt and an embossed text top. Both the liner innerseal and the inner component of the two-piece cap are vented. Use this closure and liner combination for products containing chemicals, such as bleach, acid, solvent and peroxide.

The liner is a patented system allowing air to move in and out of the sealed package in order to eliminate collapsing or swelling of the plastic bottle, while preventing the liquid product from leaking.

There are two holes molded into the inner component of the two-piece closure to help ensure that venting can take place.
Shape Round
Material P/P
Color White
Style Child Resistant
Neck Finish 38-400
Sub Style Push and Turn
Secondary Feature CRC

SKU# 007081

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