43 mm Foam Pre-Cut Pressure Sensitive Seal - Black SFYP Print, White

0.02 mm Thick, Pre-Cut, Indication of Tampering, "Sealed For Your Protection" Design - 100 per Case

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1 case $5.06/case ($0.05 ea)
5 cases $4.55/case ($0.05 ea)
7 cases $4.32/case ($0.04 ea)
10 cases $4.10/case ($0.04 ea)
100 items per case

Pressure-sensitive seals are a quick and easy way to safeguard your product from being tampered with while also preserving the freshness of your product by providing an airtight seal. These polystyrene foam liners, made from FDA-approved materials, are coated with a torque-activated adhesive and require no special equipment to apply. Simply place them over the mouth of any bottle or jar, and screw on your closure tightly. These single-use seals are made to work with all container materials from glass to plastic, and easily peel off for consumer use.

  • Sold by Case
  • 43 mm Neck Finish
  • Black SFYP Print "Sealed For Your Protection"


  • Please contact our customer service team for samples. We do not guarantee this item for any specific use and recommend testing samples prior to purchasing.
  • These seals are not recommended for extreme hot or cold uses (such as in applications that require products to be refrigerated or frozen).
  • We do not allow returns on pressure-sensitive seals. If you are uncertain of the size you need, or the function of this item; please contact our customer service team for guidance.
Color White
Feature Printed Black Sfyp
Material Foam
Neck Finish 43 mm
Neck Description mm
Style Liner
Sub Style Pressure Sensitive
Country of Origin USA

SKU# 600233

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