70-450 White Tinplate Continuous Thread Closure - Vacuum Safety Button - Plastisol Liner

Plastisol Liner, Stack Bead - 1,000 Closures/Case

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1 piece $0.39 each
1,000 pieces $0.35 each
10,000 pieces $0.32 each
30,000 pieces $0.29 each
1,000 items per case

This item is sold only by the case after the quantity exceeds 1,000 items.

This 70-450 deep skirt tinplate metal closure has a white exterior, a white interior, a vacuum button, a stack bead to faciilitate stacking in a retail environment, and a plastisol liner.

This product is recommend for a hot fill and cool process with a maximum temperature of 185°F/85°C.

We do not recommend using this product for hot water bath processing.
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Closures not included with bottles, unless otherwise specified.

Country of Origin United States
Shape Round
Style Continuous Thread
Neck Finish 70-450
Material Tinplate
Color White
Feature Button
Secondary Feature Stack Bead

SKU# 009529

Availability: In stock