A Quick Guide to Manual Application of Pressure Sensitive Seals

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Bottles with pressure sensitive seals and caps off

To apply the seal: After filling the container, make sure the land surface of the jar or bottle is clean of any debris or residue. Center the pressure sensitive seal, printed side up, on the land of the jar or bottle, and apply the closure as usual.  After the closure comes to a natural stopping point, give it an extra quarter (1/4) to half (1/2) turn to ensure optimal tightness.  The torque pressure from the tightening of the closure activates the adhesion properties of a pressure sensitive liner.

Bottles with pressure sensitive seals on top ready for sealing

To test the seal: After following the application guidelines in the previous paragraph, wait 12 to 24 hours to ensure that adhesion does take place.  After the resting period, when the closure is removed, the seal should remain in place adhered to the jar or bottle.

Bottles with pressure sensitive seals and closures on

Important to Note: The correct fit of the seal is critical to the seal remaining adhered to the jar or bottle.  If the seal has too much overhang, it might get caught when removing the closure and that will cause the seal to be pulled up.

Bottles on side with pressure sensitive seals on


  • A pressure sensitive seal should be used for packaging dry (solid) products only.
  • The pressure sensitive seals offered on the Packaging Options Direct website are produced with materials in compliance with FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) rules.  The seals can be used for packaging dry food as well as non-food products.
  • Pressure sensitive liners can provide a tight seal to both glass and plastic bottles and jars.
  • If your distribution supply chain requires a tamper-evident package, a bottle or jar with a neck bead is recommended so that a shrink band can also be added to the package.


It is always recommended that prospective users test for their specific application before use. To shop our catalog of pressure sensitive seal, click here.


If you have questions, contact a Packaging Options Direct sales representative at info@packagingoptionsdirect.com


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