Benefits of Amber Glass Bottles in Packaging

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

 Benefits of Amber Glass Bottles in Packaging

When it comes to packaging a product, the choices often seem endless. Even among bottles and jars, there are so many shapes, sizes, colors, and features to explore. However, not every detail that differentiates these products is purely visual. Amber glass is one variety of very attractive packaging; its color goes beyond tradition and beauty. Few realize the true benefits of amber glass bottles in packaging and the vital role it plays in delivering many popular and important goods.

Why Use Glass?

The decision to package with glass primarily reflects the nature of the goods. While generally more expensive, this material offers different protection and marketing benefits that plastic cannot. Glass has a reputation for being better for the environment because it is easily and infinitely recyclable. Additionally, it has a ring of quality and a certain beauty other synthetic materials lack. Glass is often the safest choice because it's nonporous and impermeable.

Once a bottle is manufactured, businesses can rest assured knowing that glass will not break down, leach chemicals, and otherwise compromise the integrity of the product it holds. As such, glass goes beyond aesthetic marketing and becomes a strategic and essential choice for many specialty goods.

The Science Behind Amber

Besides the importance of glass itself, there are also many benefits of amber glass bottles in packaging. Many would erroneously assume the color of the glass is purely decorative. Actually, the decision to use a tint serves much the same purpose as it does in the glass of car windshields. Adding colors shifts how light interacts with the goods inside the glass container.

Different chemicals respond to photons of light, and when the wrong molecules change and interact, deterioration occurs. More specifically, light causes photooxidation to happen within a container which can greatly compromise a product, if not render it completely unusable. Amber glass filters destructive wavelengths of light—specifically blue and UV light, which are primarily responsible for destructive chemical reactions.

Common Goods That Benefit From Amber Glass

The more delicate a chemical product is, the more likely it needs special considerations. One of the most common types of goods to use amber glass is alcohol—especially beers, whose complex brewing process infuses a unique flavor. Photooxidation can break down the chains of molecules that create rich tastes, causing the brew to become rancid.

Like beer, the highly refined nature of raw essential oils also benefits from amber glass. To maintain a strong and pure aroma, these oils must avoid excess light and oxygen. The finer varieties of these goods are almost exclusively shipped in amber drams. Similarly, liquid medicines also need protection and are shipped from pharmaceutical companies in similar glass packaging.

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