Best Cosmetics Packaging and Types

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Best Cosmetics Packaging and Types

Best Cosmetics Packaging and Types

As you walk through the aisles of your local beauty store, you will see thousands of different types of cosmetic packaging that are trying to catch your glance. From compacts to tubed products, the options are endless. There is an assortment of different kinds of packaging with a wide variety of aspects that make each cosmetic product unique. From minimalist to extremely flashy by design, brands are competing for a share of the market. Furthermore, there are quite a few different materials packaging can be made of such as metal, plastic, and glass. The shape and size of the packaging can also be a major factor in how you package (and perceive) each individual product.

The Different Types of Cosmetic Packaging

There are quite of few types of cosmetic containers that are suitable for cosmetics. A large portion of products are usually packaged in either a jar, bottle, or tube. The best makeup packaging for lip glosses and lipsticks are primarily found in tubes, while cream-based makeup and powders are found in compact containers. Mascara and lip glosses are found in vials with a brush attached to the cap.

  • Jars: good for products that may not pour well or that a customer may not want to buy in large portions, as jars come in a wide array of sizes.
    • Examples: Cosmetics and makeup products jars work well with are powders and thicker products such as some skincare lotions or hair gels.
  • Bottles: good for liquid products that you want to be dispensed by a certain method (pump, sprayer) and want larger volumes of.
  • Tubes: great for products that consumers want more control over how they are dispensed and tend to be useful for use for your skin/face care products.
    • Products such as ointments and liquid makeups. Our assortment of squeezable tubes can be found here.

The Different Types of Material for Your Cosmetics Packaging

Now that we have gone over the types of containers that can be used for cosmetic and makeup packaging, let’s discuss materials for these packaging options. Materials like glass and plastic play vital roles in helping choose the right container for your cosmetic product.  The material the container is made from can affect everything from cost, how the container is used, and the aesthetic of the packaging.

  • Glass: great for products that you want the consumer to see clearly and works well with products like smaller bottles for fragrances or jars for cosmetics. Issues you run into with glass packaging are that glass can be on the more expensive side of materials unless you’re buying wholesale.
  •  Plastic: Works well for a wide variety of cosmetic products. However, it’s not as simple as choosing plastic. As we have mentioned in previous posts, there are many different types of plastics that can be used.
    • LDPE is a great option for having a little bit more flexibility for squeeze bottles and tubes.
    • PET is good for if you’re looking for something more rigid and transparent like for spray bottles and jars of makeup. You get the look of glass without the extra cost associated with it.
    • HDPE offers many of the same benefits of PET except it is lacking in transparency because of its natural color.

Best Cosmetics Packaging and Types

To summarize, finding the best cosmetic packaging design can be challenging, depending on what is important for your brand. Do you want to stand out on the shelf? Do you need cool lipstick packaging? Are you looking for the container that provides the best long-term stability of your product? First, you must choose the material that is right for you. Once that decision has been made you can ask yourself if a bottle, jar or tube is right for you.

Packaging Options Direct has a Personal Care Industry category that is the perfect place to start looking for the best skincare packaging options. With hundreds of new items and low prices, you are bound to find the best makeup packaging solution to take your brand to the next level. As always you can contact us and we will help guide you through the process.


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