Best Ways To Package Your Fragrance Products

Monday, June 28, 2021

Best Ways To Package Your Fragrance Products

Beauty and home care supplies cover a surprisingly broad array of various goods. Among them are several items meant to improve the scent of a home or be used in different aromatherapy practices. Essential oils and other fragranced liquids are becoming popular alternatives to everyday commercial options such as can aerosols, paraffin candles, and chemically produced perfumes.

As such, the fragrance industry is seeing a boom in opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to enter the playing field with their alternative offerings. Specialty products like these are delicate goods and require extra care when packaging. The best ways to package your fragrance products make use of affordable glass jars with cork options at wholesale prices.

Glass Versus Resin-Based Options

The first decision to make is whether to choose glass or plastic. Glass is often recommended more when it comes to fragrance goods due to their mildly caustic nature. True essential oils are a highly concentrated material prone to chemical reactions.

Many other variations without essential oils still use alcohol as a base, which is just as reactive. Unless you specifically seek out and select the correct reaction-resistant density of polyethylene for your products, oils and alcohols will slowly degrade the container, and your fragrances will leach out chemicals. Glass, on the other hand, is entirely inert, making it a simple workaround.

When To Choose Colored Glass

For many fragrance creators, colored glass is one of the best ways to package your fragrance products. To begin with, You could select a blue-colored glass or an amber one; these would help a product stand out from a shelf full of clear glass. Dark-colored glass—especially the amber varieties—are desirable due to their UV protective qualities.

For centuries amber has been used to defend some beverages and goods from interaction. Without that protection, the goods inside would be chemically altered by UV light. It’s an easy and effective way to ensure your items arrive at your customer’s door as fresh as the day they were bottled.

Packaging To Appeal

The ultimate reason many manufacturers and independent creators choose to use glass is because of its unrivaled beauty. Glass looks high quality in a way that other materials can’t compete. Using a glass package grants fragrance goods an elegance not afforded by less attractive metal or resin-based materials.

At Packaging Options Direct, we carry a wide selection of glass jars and vials perfect for even the most delicate essential oils. Explore our inventory of wholesale stock options to find the perfect packaging for your goods.

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