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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guest blogger SaraHey guys, it’s me again… Sara, your friendly POD guest blogger.

Have you ever found yourself using a catch phrase? Like “true story”; or “You’re killin’ me smalls?”. Well, lately mines been “I’ve got an oil for that!” and I find myself saying it a lot lately! I mean it when I say “a lot”.

I help run Kingman Homesteading Co-Op, a group local to Kingman, AZ; but open to everyone through our Facebook group (so be sure to check us out ). One of the many things we do is make bulk purchases of various items in an effort to bring affordability to our neighborhood; and we have seen great success in our co-op purchases of essential oils. We pool our money to buy in bulk; then separate everything into smaller packages. (Full disclosure, we occasionally get a freebie by doing this!)

Seriously though, this is one of our more exciting co-op purchases, and is a great idea for any small group or community who want to start buying things that just seem completely unaffordable to individuals. Since there are so many essential oils to choose from, sometimes we get new oils, and sometimes we restock on oils we had previously ordered. (Or you can join our K.H.C. Marketplace in the Facebook community. Ok, plug done!)

Essential Oils Bottles and Droppers

To get a better idea of our process, here’s what we do.

First the admin team of the co-op work together to determine what oils the members are looking for, and which ones make the most sense for purchase at that particular time. We then figure how many people need to contribute, and how much the buy-in is going to be (usually $50 to $75 depending on types of oils). Once we have the required number of participants sign-up and prepay, we are ready to get this deal going.

Essential Oils Bottles and Droppers

The next step is to buy our materials. We order the oils in bulk (I have several companies I use, but none that I trust yet to recommend.); usually from 10-16 different varieties. We buy each oil in a 16 oz. or larger bulk volume, and we repackage it based on the number of participants. At that time, we also buy the 30 ml. Euro bottles (we prefer the blue) and Euro dropper closures needed for repackaging the oils, from my friends at P.O.D. (Yup, I use them for all my packaging needs, if possible, they are typically the least expensive, yet have the best quality.)

Once our materials come in (which always feels like Christmas), the real work begins. We begin repackaging the bulk oils into the bottles we got from P.O.D. using a glass dropper and transfer oils. (HOW EASY IS THAT?!) Although, don’t forget to do this step in a well ventilated area as the oils can be quite strong in smell.

Two Ladies Creating Essential Oils

By doing this, we can offer multiple participants (usually 16) a 1 oz. bottles of each of the pure essential oils purchased, which brings their overall cost for each oil to about $3.13 to $4.69 a bottle. In the world of essential oils, anyone will tell you, this is an incredible deal. The finished product look just like what you would buy at the store for a much higher price.

Bottles of Essential Oils Finished Bottles of Essential Oils

So I know what you’re thinking…. That’s great Sara, I have these oils, but how do I use them?

Choosing The Right Bottles and Droppers For Essential Oils

Firstly, you can use them to supplement your income. You can redistribute your oils in smaller quantities; like splitting your 1 oz. bottles into .5 oz. (or 15 ml.) bottles or smaller glass vials.  Another way to profit is to make your own blends using a carrier oil (like coconut oil,) and selling them. I personally use my oils in making my homemade products, like lip balm (see the instructions here.)

I highly recommend essential oils; and over the past year I have become a strong believer in their healing properties, as they are extremely useful for many ailments. I find myself saying “I have an oil for that,” at least once a day. It’s so bad that my husband has started to poke fun at me, and ask me for my “eye of newt” on a regular basis. But he cannot deny that he has had positive results from oils, and blends I have made for him.

The idea of an Essential oil is that it contains the nutrition from a plant and using that plant’s side effects to your benefit. Those side effects are the healing properties that people feel when they use the oil.

I do not condone ingesting oils, or placing them directly on your skin. There are some oils that are safe for that, but again, I wouldn’t dare recommend it. It would be like determining how much of a pharmaceutical you can take and how you can take it. It just isn’t safe. I also recommend that you research each oil that you use. That way you are educated in your decisions. There is so much information about oils, that I’m constantly checking and re-checking and triple-checking my fact finding to insure it’s safe. I also do not promote the use of oils on infants!

Here are some must haves for oil (In my opinion – I use these daily)

  • Lavender – for EVERYTHING, seriously
  • Tea Tree – for antiseptic and skin issues
  • Peppermint – for fevers, relaxation, headaches, muscle and joint pain
  • Wintergreen – for tummy aches
  • Chamomile – PMS!!
  • Ginger – arthritis
  • Frankincense – for inflammation, pain, sedation, and stress/anxiety
  • Eye of newt – For fun! (not really a thing that I know of)

Bottles, Droppers, and Fine Mist Sprayers For Your Essential Oils

Now that you know about how to get a great deal on essential oils, and some ways to use them, I thought I would finish this blog out with a couple of my favorite recipes for some blends. These are ones that I use regularly. For these blends, I typically use the dropper, or a fine mist sprayer, with the bottle:

  • Take 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of Tea Tree and mix with water. Use this to spray on scrapes and cuts. It will help the skin heal and help calm the “patient” (child, husband, or other) down. I know my kids get pretty hysterical when they get banged up.
  • Take a carrier oil (I like coconut, but you can use almond or whatever you like) and mix in 3 drops lavender, 3 drops frankincense, 3 drops of chamomile, and 1 drop of wintergreen. This should fill the bottle. Then using a dropper lid, fill the dropper and put it into your hand, rub on your tummy for P.M.S, constipation, or just a bad case of tummy aches.

You can try different blends and use what works best for you! If you have a blend that you and would like to share it with me, please feel free to leave me a message or post on one of my Facebook pages. You can follow me at Homemade Revolt on Facebook, or follow me at My Homesteading Revolution.

And as always keep following our blog here on P.O.D, to see how we make some of these awesome products!


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