Bring the California Sea Breeze to Your Living Room with Cali Vibes Candle Co.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Based out of Orange County, Anthony and Mariah take great pride in making sure each and every Cali Vibes Candle sparks that same love, passion and good vibes spirit that they share for California.

Anthony and Mariah in Flowers

It all started with a date night in December 2016 when couple, Anthony and Mariah, had the idea to cut wine bottles and plant succulents in them.

They began by selling their wine bottle terrariums at local farmers markets to get the word out. While at a market, one of their customers asked if they ever thought of making candles in the wine bottles. This sparked a curiosity of candle making among them both. They wasted no time researching the proper way to make a candle. Once they felt confident in the process, they bought the materials and got to work. “After countless attempts, our first wine bottle candles were made. The candles were then sold at markets and the response was amazing!”, exclaimed Mariah.

Adding wicks to Cali Vibes Candles

As the business grew, so did their passion for candle making. It was then that they realized candles were going to be the main focus of their business. In January 2018, Anthony and Mariah decided to launch the Cali Vibes Candle Company. The name was a combination of their love for California and their good vibes only motto.

Candles on the beach in the afternoon

In a crowded candle market, you need your product to be unique and stand out. Mariah explains, “We use all natural soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks and premium phthalate free fragrance oils blended with essential oils. Each candle is hand poured by the two of us and inspired by Beautiful California.”

Cali Vibes Candles without Lids

As the company grew and they began establishing their brand, Mariah began looking for an alternative to the wine bottles that they launched their product in. “We were looking for a reliable company that provided affordable containers. Being a small business, every cent counts! Packaging Options Direct has truly helped us expand our business and the customers love our candle containers!”, Mariah remarked.

Laguna Beach Candle on a Pier

Mariah and Anthony purchase 9 oz Clear Glass Round Jars with 70-400 Continuous Thread Lined Black Metal Closures.

Mariah and Anthony have taken advantage of being close to our Cerritos warehouse and were able to get more ware in a pinch. She explains, “Whenever we are running low on a product we can count on Packaging Options Direct to help! One time we were in desperate need of containers and lids and Susan from POD reached out to the location in Cerritos for us. We were able to pick up the product from Cerritos the next day!"

Orange Coast Candle Outdoors

Cali Vibes Candle Co. has been a Packaging Options Direct Customer for over a year and it’s been exciting watching them grow! “We love working with Packaging Options Direct because we feel the company is reliable and helpful. Even if they are out of the product they make sure to notify you as soon as possible when it is available. We have always had a great experience with shipments as well.”, said Mariah.

Walk in the Woods Candle lit

She continued, “We are very excited for the future of Cali Vibes Candle Company! We have expanded a great deal in the first year and it is only the beginning. We will continue to build our wholesale accounts along with building our online sales. Packaging Options Direct is definitely going to help us out by being able to order in larger quantities. We can’t wait to stock up on our containers from POD!”

Berry Bliss Candles with Butterflies

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