Not to be confused with metal tins, which are generally smaller and more shallow, metal cans are fantastic options for paints and sealants, lacquers and paint thinners, solvents and resins that need a non-reactive container.

Typically used for industrial applications, metal cans are also growing in popularity with crafters, hobbyists and DIYers who find more new and innovative uses for these durable containers everyday.

No matter what your application, at Packaging Options Direct we’re confident you’ll find the metal cans you need at unbeatable prices.



Questions to Ask When Buying Cans

When considering cans for your project or product, consider the following questions:


The History of Metal and Tin Cans

Metal cans have been around for ages.

In fact, most metal cans have been tinned, a process that dates back to around 1600 when it was a monopolized industry run by Bohemia. In 1630, the process spread to Saxony, but continued to be a closely guarded secret. Later, around 1667, an English engineer named Andrew Yarranton and blacksmith, Ambrose Crowley were commissioned to travel to Saxony to learn the methods of tin-plating. They were successful and tin-plating would take off in a number of different industries.

Since then, the process has been used by food and chemical industries to better streamline processes and to provide packaging solutions for products of all types.

Whether you’re looking for large, gallon-size metal cans for your manufacturing business, a handful of paint cans for your next DIY project or a truckload of .3-oz rounds for the launch of your new lip balm company, let our team of packaging specialists be your guide to finding the perfect cans for your needs.

Buy Cans at Wholesale Prices

Our cans are available for purchase with no minimum order and are available by the individual piece or by the case.

Please remember to verify that you have indeed purchased the corresponding closure, or that your lid is included in the purchase. At Packaging Options Direct, we’re confident that you will find our selection of cans and our affordable, wholesale prices to be the best in the industry.

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