How Luna Sea Spirits Grew, Optimized Production, All While Giving Back to the Planet

Friday, April 5, 2019

Located in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, Luna Sea Spirits is serving up super smooth spirits across the state of California.

Santa Cruz Coastline

Deven Volk, the man behind the bottle, has been interested in crafting the perfect vodka for over a decade. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that Volk visited family in Ukraine where his interest blossomed. “They were going to schools, different kind of schools, on how to make vodka and everything. So I kind of hooked up with them, learned some stuff with them and then I really started getting into it a lot myself” said Volk.

Deven Volk Drinking From Bottles

“My father is from Ukraine and I always remembered them talking about what makes a better vodka, filtration etcetera. When I grew up and starting trying American brands of vodka compared to Eastern European vodkas I noticed a big difference and I asked myself, how to make a Californian vodka better?”

It turns out the answer is a proprietary blend of non-GMO corn, mashed with high alkaline water giving the vodka wonderfully distinct mouthfeel. Combine that with a unique gravity-fed activated, carbon charcoal filtration system and there you have it, a smooth clean spirit California born spirit.

Bottle of Luna Sea Vodka with Glasses in Front

 After nailing down his recipe and process, Volk was ready to bottle his spirits. He turned to Google where he searched for liquor bottles, and discovered Packaging Options Direct. Deven explained. “After searching and comparing vendors over the weekend I found that Packaging Options Direct had the best prices.”

Luna Sea Spirits uses two glass bottles for their products. They started out with a 750 ml Clear Glass Round Sharp Shoulder Liquor Bottle and paired it with our Black Bar Top Closure.

Recently the started using 1 Liter Clear Glass Round Liquor Bottles with a 28-350 Tamper Evident Linerless Silver Plastic Closure as they increase production.

Guy Looking a 1 Liter Bottle of Luna Sea Vodka

“I see the business growing steadily over the next year and I look forward to continuing my partnership with Packaging Options Direct. I order many different kinds of bottles, but we have been loving the 1-liter bottle lately. We order 2 pallets or so each month.”, Volk remarked.

Ordering in bulk by the pallet saves Deven in overhead costs, and shipping via LTL keeps the bottles much safer during transport. When the product arrives he doesn’t have to deal with unpacking ware from outer cases and packing peanuts. He can pull cases by the pallet as needed. A win-win from a production standpoint.

Bottle of Luna Sea Vodka With Wave Crashing

Luna Sea Vodka recently won silver in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a huge honor for a small distillery. When Deven isn’t busy winning medals, he’s doing what he can to help the planet. “We donate 5% of profits to help clean the ocean. There are a few different groups that we donate to regularly and look forward to increasing donations as our business grows”, he remarked.

Bottle of Luna Sea Vodka by the Beach


Bottle of Blue and Regular Luna Sea Vodka

Surfs up for Luna Sea Spirits, we look forward to helping them grow far into the future.

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