How To Pick the Right Bottle for Your Craft Spirits Brand

Thursday, May 20, 2021

How To Pick the Right Bottle for Your Craft Spirits Brand


Now, more than ever, a love for collecting is spreading across many industries and genres of items. One such interesting shift is a renewal of interest in collecting fine wines and spirits. In addition to collecting, more people are becoming appreciative of the more complex flavors craft spirits are capable of.

As such, breweries and trendy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this moment to create new flavors and brands. However, to properly sell any item, it must be packaged first. How to pick the right bottle for your craft spirit brand comes down to the specific needs of your unique product.

Choose a Familiar Form

When it comes to fine spirits and alcohol, there is visual information that goes with the shape. Certain forms of bottles are traditionally used with matching liquors. Part of this is to do with the best storage methods for certain alcohols. But more than that, customers will instantly know a specific good at a glance based on the shape of the container.

As such, a big part of choosing the right liquor bottle packaging means choosing glass containers that match your special brew. For instance, wines tend to be in more traditionally tall bottles, whereas whiskies and other hard spirits are usually in some variety of decanter.

Determine Any Specialty Needs

Very rarely do we associate colored containers with anything other than decorative choice. However, some goods are very sensitive to direct sunlight. While your customers likely have an appropriately cool and dark cabinet to store their purchases, getting items to them intact is trickier. Many spirits, wine, and beers can have their flavors ruined if they’re exposed to sunlight too long.

In order to combat this otherwise hard-to-avoid effect, certain colors of glass are used. Most commonly, amber and cobalt colored glass are ideal for blocking destructive UV rays. How to pick the right bottle for your craft spirits brand will depend heavily on the fact if your spirits suffer similarly and require a colored glass.

Identify Competitor Choices

Finally, one of the simplest ways to determine the best choice of container is to check up on your competitors. Explore the packaging designs and styles used by those competing in similar niches of craft spirits. By doing so, you’ll get an idea of what potential customers are looking for and identifying with before making a selection.

Some major selling points might be details such as quirky shapes or colors. Regardless, the only way to stay competitive is to properly understand the decisions the competition is making, including the varieties of glass bottles used to package spirits.

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