How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Plastic Bottle Recycling

As a leader in packaging supplies we know the importance of recycling, especially when it comes to recycling plastic bottles and jars. Since the early 70’s environmentally conscious people have been concerned with plastic waste. We know that plastic does not biodegrade and can take hundreds of years to breakdown. Plastic is the most common source of marine debris, and creating recycled plastic products saves roughly 66% of the energy versus making new plastic products. Each type of plastic to be recycled is determined by a number classification. The classification number determines if a plastic is recyclable or reusable. Plastics are made from different materials, and there many plastic products cannot be broken down.

Plastic Bottle Recycling


How to Recycle Plastic Bottles Step by Step

Follow these step by step instructions to properly recycle plastic bottles:

  1. Inspect each plastic product for its classification number to determine if it can be recycled at the local recycling center.

  2. Remove bottle caps and set aside. Depending on where you live, your center may not take bottle caps for recycling. If your center does not accept bottle caps, either find another recycling center or reuse the cap for other projects.

  3. Remove any remnants from containers, including sugars and food particles, and proceed to rinse thoroughly with water.

  4. Remove plastic seals and labels. Some facilities do not care if these items are left on the plastic bottle, but a vast majority require removal prior to recycling.

  5. Consider crushing the plastic bottles, if applicable. Although not necessary, this process saves room for transportation.

  6. Depending on the recycling options available to you, either place your bottles in your recycling bin or bring to your local recycling center.

Plastic Bottle Recycling

What Can Plastic Bottles Be Recycled Into?

There are a variety of options that plastics can be recycled into:

Bottles and containers used for milk, or dishwashing detergent:

  • Can create picnic tables, lawn furniture, playgrounds, and trash/recycling receptacles

Single use grocery bags

  • Can create plastic lumber that has a wide variety of uses, like decks and fences

  • Remember, most grocery stores and large retail chains will have a plastic bag recycling station

Bottles used for soda, juice, and water

  • They can become sweaters, t-shirts, insulation for jackets, carpeting, and more plastic bottles

Bottle caps

  • They can create the housing for car batteries, garden tools, storage containers, reusable shopping bags, and rope.

  • Remember to put the caps back on the bottle before recycling

Foam packaging

  • Only the most innovative recycling programs are able to use foam packaging to create insulation, picture frames and back into more foam packaging.

It takes quite a bit of recycled material to create the products described above so recycle as much and as often as you are able to!

How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Where Can I Recycle Plastic Bottles?

From grocery stores to curbside pick up, there are many places you can recycle plastic bottles. The area of the country you live in and the type of dwelling you reside in plays a major role on whether you can recycle certain plastics. Typically, bottles can be recycled in your home/apartment/dorm’s recycling bins, local recycling centers, or at buy back centers. Each facility and area have different recycling regulations and procedures. Call your local government or trash collector to determine if recycling is available in your areas. They can also help you find out if  the classification of plastic you are trying to recycle is accepted.

To summarize: we’ve learned the importance of recycling plastic bottles,  how to properly recycle, the amazing array of products that can be created, and where you can recycle locally. Remember that it takes a ton of recycled material to make those new products so recycle often! Packaging Options Direct offers a wide variety of plastic bottles and jars are all 100% recyclable. If you have a question regarding recyclability or anything else when looking for the perfect packaging solution, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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