How To Sanitize Canning Jars and Lids: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

How To Sanitize Canning Jars and Lids: A Step-by-Step Guide

The art of preserving food through tougher times is a tradition that still exists today. Despite the convenience of supermarkets providing access to food year-round, many people still can and pickle. Both are enjoyable hobbies and ways to make use of homegrown foods. For many people, canning is a smart and simple way to expand their business’ offerings or even create a new home business.

Before you jump right into exploring recipes, it’s important to learn how to sanitize canning jars and lids. A step-by-step guide such as our own will clarify any questions and ensure your jams and jellies always taste good and stay fresh for a long time.

Why Sanitization Matters in Canning

For the average consumer, sanitization is an assumption. The reason we don’t have to worry about getting sick anytime we eat groceries is due to the strict sanitization expectations to which businesses are held.

When it comes to making your own foods, you have to be just as vigilant to avoid cross contamination while cooking. However, understanding how to avoid contamination of ingredients and supplies for canning is less obvious than when you’re dealing with other foods such as raw meat or eggs. To keep jellies from growing mold while in storage, sanitization of jars is key. For home business owners interested in adding canned goods to their offerings, that means systematically sanitizing bulk preserving jars and lids.

Basics of Sterilizing Canning Jars

Another assumption about sterilization is the idea that harsh chemicals are the only way to properly remove bacteria and germs. However, you don’t have to use unnatural products to properly sterilize canning jars—partially because you want to avoid turning improperly rinsed cleaning products into contaminants, but mostly because it simply isn’t necessary. You can easily accomplish canning at home, in a restaurant’s kitchen, or just about anywhere water can be boiled. You need very few unique tools and equipment.

Steps for Sterilizing Jars and Lids

How to sanitize canning jars and lids couldn’t be simpler. A step-by-step guide is always a useful cheat sheet to have, but all you really need are your jars, a lid magnet, tongs, and a pot of boiling water. Ensure you use a large enough pot that can fit a few jars fully submerged in the water. The water itself should be distilled to avoid potential contaminants. Then, simply begin boiling the jars for ten minutes per batch. After ten minutes, reduce the water to a simmer, putting a lid on the saucepan. Then you can pull out the jars for immediate use.

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