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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jorge Carreon and his family are taking a unique hard-to-grow pepper and turning it into a successful family business. The operation got its start by growing and selling live Guam Boonie pepper plants.

Young Boonie Pepper Plants

This pepper plant was exclusively grown on the Island of Guam but is now starting to be cultivated in the mainland United States.

Boonie Pepper Plants OutdoorsBoonie Pepper Plants Outdoors 2

Now that they have unlocked the secret of growing this specialty pepper they figured the next best thing to do is to make Guam’s number one chili paste condiment - Donne Dinanche.

 Donne Dinanche Paste Surrounded by Boonie Peppers

What is Donne Dinanche?

Jorge explains, “On the island, we call the fermented hot pepper paste “Donne Dinanche” the word Donne is the name of the pepper and dinanche is the style of preparation. Most islanders use the basics: garlic, salt and hot peppers mashed into a paste which is used as a condiment for many of their dishes. Everyone on the island has their own taste by adding other vegetables or herbs, but since creating our own we’ve had a great response to our paste.

Donne Dinanche Sauce in Pot

The chunkiness of the paste is consistent with what the islanders enjoy and are familiar with. I was successful with incorporating coconut flavors along with lime and roasted sweet peppers.” Sounds delightful, sign us up!

Donne Dinanche Next to Coconut


Not only is this pepper hard-to-grow, but it’s extremely hard to find in the United States. Being able to grow this pepper in abundance is what makes this product so unique. Inspired by the traditional island condiment “Donne Dinanche” or hot pepper paste. It also comes from our roots (or as the husband, Jorge, claims, he is "Chamorro by marriage") and that type of inspiration begets authenticity. Traditionally, the Donne Dinanche is used as a dipping sauce for BBQ meat. However, it could also be used to spread over rice, shrimp patties, lumpia, and more. The possibilities seemed as endless as many other hot sauces but the key difference in this paste versus other pepper pastes seemed to be the island influence.

Jorge found Packaging Options Direct through the social platform, Twitter. “I saw your tweet and was happy to see that you carried our jar and closure which was in inventory.” We pride ourselves in keeping popular glass bottle and jars in-stock so you can keep your mind on getting your product to your customers. Jorge put it best, “We were in a bind. Our local supplier was unable to keep a supply of our type of jar and lids. Your company was able to supply my needs and send the order out expeditiously.”


For his Hot Pepper Paste Jorge purchases 8 oz Clear Glass Paragon Jar Rounds along with matching 58-2020 Round Metal black Plastisol Lined Lug Closures. They also purchase both the 5 oz and 12 oz Flint Glass Woozy bottle with matching 24-414 Continuous Thread Lined Black P/P Closure for their signature Hot Pepper Sauce.


“The aesthetics of the jar and bottle highlight the contents inside.” - Jorge

Donne Dinanche Paste in Jars Without Labels

With the right label, you can make any number of our glass jars or glass bottles stand out on the shelf.

Hot Sauce without Labels

Jorge has enjoyed working with Packaging Options Direct over the last year because he’s able to order online easily and receive his products quickly.

Hot Sauce With Labels On

When asked where he sees the family business going in the future, Jorge responded, “We will continue to produce our authentic island pepper paste and hot sauces. We will strive to continue the movement of spreading the Boonie Pepper to new taste buds and locations while connecting them to the uniquely Chamorro heritage.”

 Pike Este at Farmers Market

Packaging Options Direct will continue to support Pike Este by keeping his glass jars and bottles in stock at the most competitive prices on the web. You can purchase Layna Sa Pika Este products online at their Etsy shop. Be sure to follow them on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. 

Two sauces on display with salt

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