The Benefits of Packaging Your Products With Glass

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Benefits of Packaging Your Products With Glass

Nowadays, there is no shortage of creative and cutting-edge packaging types and materials on the market. Sometimes, though, the best choices are the simplest ones. One of the oldest rigid packaging solutions is easily still one of the best. The savvy entrepreneur should never overlook the benefits of packaging your products with glass.

Better for Customers

The most obvious of the many benefits of packaging your products with glass is customer satisfaction. Glass is a much safer container for edible products, as it does not react in the same way tin, aluminum, and plastic can when not treated or coated. It also will not lose its shape over time, so the customer’s experience with the packaging will always be the same as the day they made their purchase. Plastic will warp and buckle easily and will have a cheaper feel than glass. Lastly, glass creates a perfect seal every time, ensuring products are always high quality and as fresh as when they were packaged.

Better and Longer Marketing Value

One thing that glass will always have over plastic is that it is simply beautiful. Customers who collect glass containers of their favorite brands is nothing new. Sneaking your products into a permanent place on a display shelf is a great way to create a lasting marketing impact. Even simple bottles with subtle or elegant labels are finding longevity with crafty individuals who repurpose containers for art and light decorations.

A Natural Choice

While it is true that glass is not cheaper or cleaner to produce than plastic, it has greater longevity if recycled. Once sent to a recycling center, bottles can have as little as 30 days turnaround before they are ready for the shelf again. For smaller operations, the ability to reduce packaging costs by recollecting product bottles can make a big difference, too. Glass is easy to sanitize, and many businesses reduce the amount of new packaging by reclaiming used containers. In particular, beverage companies such as traditional milk delivery services take advantage of this special perk.

Customers, in general, will always trust and enjoy glass more. At Packaging Options, we understand that, which is why we offer a wide array of affordable glass options. With many colors and shapes, we are ready and able to provide your business with the best and most packaging attractive option.

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