The Benefits of Storing Dried Goods in Mason Jars

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Benefits of Storing Dried Goods in Mason Jars

Regardless of the business, there always comes a time when it’s necessary to store ingredients of some variety. Employees will need the limited space in the fridge, but it can’t fit everything they’ll need to store.

Furthermore, plastics bags function as storage—but they aren’t the most cost-effective, safe, or professional approach. Fortunately, the benefits of storing dried goods in mason jars cover these concerns and more.

The Best Possible Freshness Barrier

When it comes to keeping goods fresh, jars already have a long history in the kitchen. Pickling and preserving techniques handed down for generations make good use of glass jars. Modern-day businesses producing pickled items, jams, and jellies all use a type that’s easily recognizable from a mason jar.

Glass jars with metal lids are excellent at sealing out moisture, air, and all manner of troublesome pests. The latter is chief among the benefits of storing dried goods in mason jars as many alternatives aren’t so adept at keeping critters out.

An Affordable Storage Solution

Besides being effective, jars are often surprisingly affordable. We’re all used to glass, and metal tends to be the pricier option, but the historical demand for glass jars has helped keep them reasonably priced compared to many other options—so much so, that common retailers always stock a selection for hobbyists.

Businesses looking for wholesale mason jars with lids rarely have to look far for even better discounts than everyday consumers. At Packaging Options Direct, we carry a wonderful array of differently sized and shaped mason jars at low, tough-to-beat prices.

Keeping Ingredients Looking Their Best

Any number of products exists to efficiently store ingredients and goods safely for years. Often, though, they aren’t the most visually attractive. They can give storage spaces a cheap and sometimes even messier appearance than if the goods were left in their original packaging.

On the other hand, smart businesses are taking advantage of the marketable appeal of mason jars. Dry goods such as drink mixes and snack kits are often packaged and sold in mason jars. As the perfect container to keep food fresh, as well as looking beautiful themselves, there’s nothing that can compete with mason jars.

Are you looking for a large selection of stock packaging for your business’s products? Explore our collection of jars, bottles, tubs, and more. We offer our designs in plastic or glass as well as a variety of volume sizes. Not sure what type of packaging will work best for you? Contact us with any questions—we’re happy to help!

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