Similar to glass jars, metal tins are perhaps one of the most diverse categories of packaging solutions; a world of possibilities are available.

Whether you’re looking to fill your tin with mints and candies, candles or lip balms, popcorn or paint, metal tins are the ideal packaging solution and can be found on shelves of retail stores across the globe.


Various Uses for Tins

Tins are also a wonderful option for arts and crafts, DIY projects and decoration.

It’s not uncommon to find metal tins painted and filled with flowers, drilled with holes and filled with a candle to illuminate a walkway. They’ve been filled by grandmothers everywhere with nuts and candies and wrapped in bows for holiday presents. They’ve even been known to organize craft rooms and garages, to hold nuts and bolts, to serve as candleholders and to be repurposed many different ways.

At Packaging Options Direct, we’re happy to offer our customers a wide selection of metal tins designed to make your product or project stand out from the crowd. Tins also convey a sense of quality and upscale sophistication, while remaining very non-reactive to the products inside them.

Here’s a listing of some of our most popular metal tins at Packaging Options Direct:

As you would imagine, this is just a small handful of the wide variety of metal tins available to our customers. In most cases, tins are sold with their lids, however this should be verified before purchase and can be found in the detailed product descriptions provided for each product. You’ll also find information on the color, material, shape, style, capacity, and overflow capacity. Metal tins can be purchased by the piece or by the case. Case sizes vary depending on the size of the tin.

Buy Metal Tins at Wholesale Prices

Whether you’re looking for a small rectangular tin for your next craft project, a deep metal round tin in white for your candy company, or a 1-gallon deep tin to house your specialty coating or paint, our team of packaging experts can help you find the tin to meet and exceed your needs. Please feel free to browse our website – your go-to packaging store - to view our current product line and to explore your options.

Need help finding the metal tins that best suit your product and packaging?

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