Understanding the Advantages of Metal Packaging

Monday, April 19, 2021

Understanding the Advantages of Metal Packaging

Using metal in packaging is nothing new. However, the history and significance of this material often go overlooked in favor of cheaper products and shipping options. Though manufacturing metal is generally pricier, metal makes up for the cost with its many time- and money-saving qualities. Understanding the advantages of metal packaging requires only looking at the diverse practicality of this traditional material.

It Has a Long Shelf Life

Just about everyone is familiar with the durability of cans. Regardless of form, it takes a lot of effort to burst anything confined in a tin. Short of intentionally gouging a can, there’s very little damage anyone can do without a can opener in hand. In other words, stocking shelves with these tough little packages saves retailers money by reducing the likelihood of damage.

Additionally, the nature of the canning process adds life to normally limited or seasonal goods. Using traditional canning methods, food suppliers prepare and seal their products in a container. Every part of this process involves carefully sanitizing the cans as a precaution. Finally, workers will hermetically seal the cans to ensure the food stays safe—even after significant time in storage.

It’s a Malleable Material

Metal is similar to glass packaging in that it’s incredibly beautiful. When we imagine metal packaging, most of us think of soda or canned veggies. Common items like these tend to share a utilitarian design; however, as manufacturing technology continues to improve, you’ll start to see more variance in metal packaging.

Today, more businesses understand the advantages of metal packaging, as it’s a sturdy yet flexible material that many designers and manufacturers enjoy working with. It’s easy to make any shape out of metal, including completely decorative forms. One common realization companies have come to make is that they can circumvent the higher price of metal by purchasing packages in bulk, such as wholesale tin containers. Plus, even in standard forms, metal packaging often has features such as volume variance, pull tabs, or ridges, which allow for more flexibility than other material types.

It’s Eco-Friendly

One of the main benefits of metal is its lifetime of value. Mining metals is often less destructive to the environment than drilling for oil. Once procured from the earth, metal has many alloys that can transform into any shape to meet the needs of all kinds of suppliers. Moreover, metal is highly valuable in terms of sustainability.

Naturally highly resistant to corrosion—especially in rust-proof alloy forms—metal lasts for an extended period before we must recycle it. The durability of metal and high melting point allows manufacturers to reshape and remix it again and again without losing its essential qualities. Generally, recycling metal produces little additional waste and takes on each new form without deteriorating from the process.

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