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Friday, December 20, 2019

As the market for vaping grows, it’s important to know the different sizes of vape juice bottles that consumers are interested in. In the vaping world, there are two styles of vaping: MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DTL (Direct to Lung). Mouth to lung vaping is defined as inhaling the vapor to your mouth and then to your lungs. Direct to lung vaping is exactly how it sounds: you inhale the vapor directly to your lungs. The biggest difference between MTL vs DTL is how you pull the vapor in. MTL is not a direct pull and does not require as much vape juice. Past smokers commonly start their vaping this way because cigarettes are smoked in this fashion. The smoke from a cigarette is extremely harsh and a direct lung hit will cause a person to cough immediately. MTL helps smoking cessation by mimicking the act of smoking. Direct to Lung vaping requires a larger amount of e-liquid. This style of vaping will require a different, larger size bottle.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes for MTL Vaping

MTL, or standard vaping, uses a significantly lower quantity of vape juice.  Because of this, smaller bottles would make the most sense for daily use. MTL vaping will use about 1 to 2 ml a day and a bottle between 30 ml to 60 ml could last a month or longer depending on daily use. Vape juice will stay usable for 2 years, so when you package in bottles that last about a month, you don’t have to worry about the vape juice expiring.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes - Standard Vaping

Packaging Options Direct carries an assortment of unicorn bottles that are perfect for standard vaping:

Vape Juice Bottle sizes for DTL Vaping

DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping is the form of vaping where users produce very large clouds of vapor. DTL typically uses higher wattage and more vape juice in order to create those huge clouds. DTL is also known as sub-ohm vaping since this style of vaping uses a significantly lower number of ohms. This results in significantly more e-liquid being used as people vape. That raises the expected 1-2 ml of juice being used to closer to about 10ml. When bottling for DTL there should be a higher quantity of e-liquid per bottle. A larger sized vape juice bottle is preferred for DTL.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes - DTL Vaping

We also carry unicorn bottles in perfect sizes to fill for DTL vape users:

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes for Vaping Samples

While the larger sizes are great for daily users, vape juice manufacturers and retailers may need to provide smaller samples for customers. In many cases, all someone needs are small sizes for sampling vape juices. For sampling, we recommend small bottles that are good for only a couple uses to encourage return customers to try out full-size bottles of the vape juice.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes - Samples

For sample size vape juice bottles we stock the following:

In summary, there are two main types of vaping: MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DTL (Direct to Lung). As we have learned through this post, MTL uses significantly less vape juice than DTL. And when it comes to sample sizes, you can go even smaller. Luckily Packaging Options Direct carries all of the abovementioned sizes in an assortment of different color bottles and CRC closures. Be sure to check our full Vape Industry Category while you are looking for the perfect packaging solution.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes - Family


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