What Makes Flairosol Perfect for Quilting?

Friday, July 12, 2019

Different Flairosol Sprayers

The secret is out. Flairosol is the hottest selling sprayer in the country. You see it in grocery stores and featured in commercials for some of the biggest brands in America. We have written about the variety of uses like plant care, pet care, personal care, and automotive care. 

Today we wanted to dive another popular use for the famous Flairosol: Quilting. Ever since we started selling the product we have read reviews and received comments on how the fine mist spraying action of Flairosol makes it the perfect accessory for quilters.

“Best Spray Bottle Ever!”


Long-time Packaging Options Direct customer and owner of Me & My Stiches, Julie Letvin, brings them to quilting shows. Of course, wandering consumers are curious. She explains, “They spray a super fine, nice and even mist. You can tell that they’re thinking, sure whatever… until we show them that nice fine mist. After that, we have grabbed their attention! I usually hold the bottle horizontally and spray it up into the air so that they can see the mist and see that it sprays perfectly at that angle. And any other angle for that matter, even upside down!”

 Flairosol at a quilting show

She continues, “The biggest selling point for me is that because it’s such a fine mist, you use so much less product. I use Best Press starch and am amazed at how much less I use. If you have used Best Press before, you know how horrible the sprayers are that come with it. You get big splotches of starch all over your fabric, which can leave a mark, and takes much longer to press it until it’s dry. So, not only do you save money on product, you save time!  On my ironing board, I have one spray bottle with water, one with Best Press and one with a tea-dye solution.”

Julie had a few more reasons why she loves the Flairosol sprayer, “They hold 10 ounces, and you will be amazed at how long you can go before you have to fill them up. I’ve never tested it, but I bet you use 1/3 of the product of those other sprayers. Another reason that these are nice for quilting is because if you are pressing a big piece of fabric, like a backing for a quilt, the sprayer allows you a nice, big long spray. It’s easier on your fingers because you don’t have to keep pulling on the trigger like all those other sprayers. But, if you just need a short little spritz, you can get that too!  THEY ARE THE BEST!!”

 Customized Flairosol Sprayers and Best Press Starch

If any quilters out there are reading this, I suggest you stop what you are doing and see for yourself. We have an entire category dedicated to Flairosol at the lowest price on the web!


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