3 Functional Trends in Ecommerce Packaging That Add Value

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Packaging design is so much more than aesthetics. A package with a disruptive design isn’t meaningful if functionality isn’t considered. With consumers demanding more from consumer packaged goods (CPG) products, primary packaging that delivers added value and functionality will increasingly play a role in consumers’ online decision-making. Deliver and improve upon functionality and you enhance the consumer experience. A positive consumer experience will lead to repeat purchases and ultimately, brand loyalty.

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“There are so many details – the shape, the way the lipstick turns, the way these details make you feel a certain way. It’s not just about the way something looks, it’s all about the senses.”
Packaging Designer for Various Industries

Portable packaging on top of luggage.

blue 1Portability

Consumers are showing increased interest for functionally-driven primary packaging that is convenient and portable. Convenient and portable tools that contain and apply are also experiencing increased significance, particularly among online subscription services. Makeup sponge applicators, for example, have come a long way, from flat styles for compacts to 3D shapes for blending. Brands seek to provide consumers with easy-to-use, on-the-go packaging solutions with integrated applicators.

Amazon’s Prime Samples program, where Prime members can purchase various CPG products in trial size, allows consumers to test the product before committing to the cost of a full-size purchase. For each sample consumers buy (prices ranging from $2 to $4), they receive a credit equal to the price of the sample, which can be used toward a future purchase of select products from the category sampled. The samples function not only as trial items, but they can also function as packable, travel size items of consumers’ favorite products.


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