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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Candy Buffet Jars – Prom Décor, and So Much More

By Brianne Livas

Every spring, a tradition takes place. One of joy, and excitement. One full of glitz and glam… and teenagers cutting loose. That’s right. I’m talking about Prom. A time where girls hit the salons to get dolled up, and dress in the newest gown that Momma has been waiting all year to go buy. The guys adorn their suits, and use that money they’ve been saving to take that special girl to dinner before the big event.  But what goes into the event itself?

Prom 2015 Entrance

There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation that takes place to make the venue look as good as the high school students who will walk through the doors. From choosing balloons and creating back drops; customizing the table décor, and even planning the menu for the evening. Most of us walked into the grand ballroom and looked in awe at its beauty, but didn’t stop to look at the creativity and planning that went into making the night so magical.

In Mineola, Texas; the Prom Committee of Mineola High School started planning early. They quickly zeroed in on a vintage theme. It was simple classic feel, with a fun twist. The committee wanted to have a candy buffet with treats the students would enjoy, including Sour Patch Kids, Hot Tamales, M&M’s Mints, and more. They also knew they wanted to get some Mason style canning jars to use as the nights souvenir for the teens to take their candy home in.  In February of 2015, one of the class mom’s reached out to us about placing an order. When our team at Packaging Options Direct heard about the tight budget the committee was working with, we volunteered to donate our 500 ml PET Kilner jars to their cause. What came from that donation was a sight to see.

Misty, the aforementioned Mom, and her team took our Kilner jars to another level. They gave the jars an etched, frosted appearance. They started this process by applying stickers that read the events theme “Night Under the Stars”, as well as a commemorative note “Mineola High School prom 2015”. Then they sandblasted the jars, and finally removed the stickers. The extra TLC gave the jars a truly special look, and became a work of art that the students would be able to hold on to.

Empty Candy Buffet Mason JarGroup of Empty Candy Buffet Mason Jars

But the team also took the jars to another level. What started out as just a jar for taking home candy from the candy buffet, also became a very elegant candle and centerpiece for the table décor. The committee added a battery powered tea light candle to the jar to give a soft glow to the evening.

Image of Mason Jar Candle on Table

By taking the simple things we see every day, and elevating them to a higher level the committee was able to create a beautiful evening for the students to enjoy and made the evening a true success. And as a little added sweetness, the students loved their souvenir candy jar.

Students Holding Mason Jars with CandyHappy Prom Students

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