Glass Jars

Glass jars are perhaps one of the most diverse categories of packaging solutions; more can be done with a glass jar than any other container.

Whether you’re looking to fill your glass jar with creams and lotions, moonshine or home brews, jalapenos or jams, glass jars are the ideal solution and can be found on grocery store shelves and in pantries and refrigerators around the world.


Glass Jars


Different Uses for Glass Jars

Glass jars are also a great option for arts and crafts, DIY projects and decoration.

Glass jars have been filled with sparkling lights and candles to illuminate patios and porches. They’ve been filled with nuts and bolts, spare change, and to the brim with brownie mix and covered in fabric and bows as gifts for friends during the holidays. They even work to organize craft rooms and can be repurposed into hummingbird feeders, flower vases, party centerpieces, candle holders and more.

Glass jars and bottles are also 100% recyclable and appeal to eco-friendly consumers looking to purchase sustainable products in today’s marketplace. Glass jars can often be the premier choice of marketing professionals, as they give a clarity, texture and shape that other materials simply cannot.



Benefits to Using Glass Jars

Here are some other benefits to glass jars: 


At Packaging Options Direct, our glass jars come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors to suit all your packaging needs. From traditional Mason jars to canning-style jars, cobalt blue colored Boston round bottles to amber colored beer growlers, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from Boston Round, Jar, Packer, Liquor Bottle, Long Neck, Carafe/Decanter, French Square, Handleware, Carboy, Beer Bottle or Straight Sided glass jars or from any of the following subtypes: Spice Jar, Economy Jar, Wine, Sauce, Decanter, Cocktail Mix, Jug, Water Bottle, Beer Growler. 


Buy Glass Jars at Wholesale Prices

At Packaging Options Direct, we do not have a minimum order for glass jars; you can order as few or as many glass jars as you need for your project or product.

When browsing our website, you’ll find that some glass jars are sold as individual pieces and some are sold via case; each glass jar is different. Your containers will be shipped using a reshipper, which can be reused to ship your products once filled.

Should you have any questions about your order, our team of knowledgeable packaging representatives is standing by to assist you.

You can contact us by calling customer service at 1-855-754-3728 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm CST, Monday thru Friday.


Don’t forget your closures! Our team can help you select the glass jar closure that best suits your needs.