Small Business Packaging

Monday, September 30, 2019

Are you a small business owner or planning to be one soon? If you are selling a product, one of the more overlooked aspects of getting that product on a shelf is packaging and packaging supplies. Packaging for small businesses can be critical to the success of a product. With factors like pricing, capabilities of different types of packaging, and opportunities for branding, packaging for small businesses can do a lot more than just hold a product. This article will outline some options for small business packaging.

Small Business Packaging

Price Variations of Packaging

Different kinds of packaging can vary in price depending on what look or feel you are going for. Finding a packaging solution that optimizes the net gain from a sale can help your small business succeed financially in the long run. Different materials not only cost more upfront but can even be more expensive to ship due to weight. As an example, packaging your product in plastic compared to glass equivalent can significantly change how much money you earn on each sale since the cost of glass (including shipping) can be more expensive. Purchasing your packaging in larger wholesale orders can also significantly lower the cost of the individual product.

Choosing the Best Type of Packaging

Not every packaging option is created equal. Your product’s size, material, and sensitivity play into the packaging choice. Depending on the product, there may be multiple viable solutions, making it more difficult to distinguish the best choice for your company. To safely ship your products wherever they may need to go, you will need to find strong, durable packaging supplies. Remember, the main role of packaging in the supply chain is to guarantee the safety of your product.

Products that are large and heavy may need heavier-duty packaging, such as corrugated boxes, to hold them and may be limited to that one choice. On the other hand, a smaller, lighter item could be packaged in a glass jar, plastic bottle, metal tin, and many more options. At this point, you must determine how factors like price, presentation, and customizability are more valuable to you into choosing the right packaging option.

Branding your Packaging for Your Small Business

Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice branding to keep costs in check. Using unique, small business product packaging gives you an opportunity to continue to share your brand name before and after they open the box. Premium packaging increases the perceived value of your product and creates more excitement about your product. If you create an eye-catching design for your packaging your customers will be more inclined to share it on social media, which equals free advertising for you. Packaging can even remind a consumer to make another purchase if they see the brand name and logo after the purchase. While custom packaging can be seen as a great investment for your small businesses, it can also be rather expensive if you’re trying to cut costs. If you’re not ready for branded packaging for small businesses, using unbranded boxes and mailers can still be a good option.

To summarize, the options are endless when it comes to small business packaging supplies. You will need to keep in mind your net gain on each sale and build your idea from there. Is your product fragile or sturdy? Are you looking for custom shipping boxes for small businesses or to create something unique out of unbranded boxes with stickers? The choice is yours. Packaging Options Direct offers hundreds of rigid packaging options to help get your small business moving in the right direction. From bottles and jars to complete packaging solutions, we have it all. Having trouble deciding on the right direction to go in? Give us a call today, we’re always happy to help!


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