Team Building at Its Muddiest

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Group photo before the race

This past weekend a group of warriors from the Packaging Options Direct team tested their strength and endurance at the 2017 Warrior Dash. With 12 challenging obstacles through 3.1 miles of hilly backwoods terrain, it was no walk in the park. The Warrior Dash brands itself as the “obstacle course race that anyone can start and everyone can finish”. It was refreshing to be apart of a very welcoming atmosphere for all involved, spectators included.

Group shot after the race

After arriving early to check in and get our numbers we anxiously waited for our wave to start. Shortly after a warrior-esque chant to get us pumped up we were off to the races. The trail was a bit crowded to start but soon thinned out and gave us a chance to pull ahead of the slower participants (yeah we’re fast!).

Tim and Brian muddy

We were soon greeted with one of our first obstacles, Warrior Summit. With the help of a knotted rope, we made our way up a 30-foot wooden pyramid. Each test was spaced out encouraging us to sprint to the next one.

Group just after finishing the race

Things became more interesting when mud and water were added to the course. By the time we arrived, the Mud Mounds weren’t in the best shape since we were one of the last waves to compete. This is the point in the race where you didn’t have a choice to get dirty, so we dove in.


After a few more ninja-warrior-type obstacles we made it to our final test, Goliath. A two-story-tall rope lattice that led to a 30-foot slide. After making a splash in the 50-degree water and gasping for breath from the chill you would think you would be done. Instead, you were greeted by Muddy Mayhem, a 100-foot long chest deep mud pit with barbed wire above.

David and TIm

Once complete we received our finisher medal and gathered for a few more team photos.

Gil and Tim after the race

Our supply chain manager Gil, pictured on the left, led the team with a time of 45 minutes. The rest of the POD team finished around the 1-hour mark.

Nick and Tim

After rinsing off and donning a fresh outfit we hung around for some barbeque and a refreshment.

Close up mud pit

All in all, it was a fantastic day spent bonding with the Packaging Options Direct team and getting to know each other better than we did when we arrived.

We believe team building is an important part of a successful business. The closer we are as a team, the better we are at tackling any obstacle in our path. We pride ourselves on bringing the best e-commerce packaging solution to you and events like this help us continue to be a cohesive and effective team.

Group shot hanging

Safe to say, we can’t wait until the next outing. 

Mud pit and slideWarrior Dash MedalDavid and BrittanyDavid and Nick in the mud pit


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  • Marj

    9/21/2017 5:57 PM
    Way to go POD Team !! Congratulations Warriors !!

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